Ken Block Gymkhana: The Complete Collection

If you’re a fan of cars, drifting, viral videos or all of the above, you’ve probably heard of American rally driver Ken Block. To keep in practice for rally events, he found his claim to fame. That’s something called Gymkhana. In proper gymkhana, drivers drive a course that sees them spins, handbrake turns and other spectacular maneuvers. For Block, there is no course, just the spectacular moves of his gymkhana video series. Continue reading


Sunday Link-Off: Too Damn High

Since I massacred yesterday’s entertainment links, how about I make it up to you with Candice Swanepoel?

The Dongslinger saga carries on. Now AJ Daulerio is fielding questions from journalism students over it. He handles himself well, though. (Sports Journalism)

The WHL isn’t what I would call “minor league” hockey but sometimes they dream up gimmicks like a standard minor league club. The Saskatoon Blades are wearing denim jacket-style jerseys for an upcoming game. (Sportress of Blogitude)

And speaking of minor league gimmicks, the KHL has a new idea to promote the league. They’re holding a contest (in conjunction with Playboy) where female fans send in swimsuit pictures and write why they love their KHL team. Makes perfect sense to me. (Puck Daddy)

After the jump, Top Gear finds a new Stig, the 100 best mustaches in sports history, and the Rent Is Too Damn High. Continue reading

Top Gear on 60 Minutes

As frequent readers know, our favourite TV at The Lowdown Blog is BBC’s Top Gear. Taken at face value, it’s a show about cars and the people who drive them. Really, it’s about three middle-aged men (and a formerly anonymous racing driver) who act like school kids, drive really fast, say whatever they feel like and have a good time doing it. For whatever reason, the iconic news show 60 Minutes went over to England to profile the show and its hosts. After the jump, we have the full 60 Minutes story on Top Gear. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: List-Off

Here’s Adriana Lima in a $2 million bra. She pulls off this look far better than Sue Ellen Mischke.

I hate to disappoint you but the legendary curveballs that fall off a table on the way to the plate are all optical illusions. (Wired)

Remember that camera that got shattered during Game 4 of the ALCS? I never saw a replay that showed what really happened. Fortunately, we have freeze frame to help us. (Big League Stew)

The NBA banned a shoe for enhancing player performance this week. All that did was send sales through the roof. But what made this thing so special? (Tauntr)

After the jump, Top Gear on US TV, the legend of James Hunt and Gordon Pinsent reads Bieber’s “memoirs.” Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off

Sportsnet is running day-old episodes of The Daily Line before the evening edition of Connected. The show sucks but at least it has Jenn Sterger.

My newest favourite on Twitter, Pulitzer Prize winner Buzz Bissinger, explains why he’s on Twitter and why he’s so angry. (The New Republic)

James Blake made an early exit from Wimbledon yesterday but he had some help. The ESPN sideline reporter tried her best to distract him. (Fanhouse)

Another thing Republicans will try to use against Obama: He hates the wave. (Power Line)

After the jump, some World Cup links, scads of baseball links, and a new Top Gear trailer. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Assorted Violence

Here’s Emmanuelle Chriqui who most men would fight Mike Tyson for.

If you didn’t believe in Santa before you read this article, you certainly won’t afterwards. In fact, you may run for your life the next time you see him. Turns out that Saint Nick’s a republican. (Musings on Greenwood)

I try not to link to Maxim because it’s banned viewing at most workplaces but this was too good to pass up. They have a guide of what golf clubs to chase guys with for every occasion. (Maxim)

Of course, finding out your husband’s dream is to have an orgy with an actor and a baseball superstar is a good reason to chase him with a golf club. (Out of Bounds)

After the jump, scads of sports links, the best protest signs, and Mark Cuban’s painful Monday night. Continue reading

The Humanoids: Quick Hits

Does that post title refer to Tiger Woods hitting the fire hydrant? Maybe it’s about Keith Ballard’s stick against the side of Tomas Vokoun’s head? A lot of people are springing to the top of the news very quickly this week. Whether it’s in sports or entertainment, this week’s targets were barely on the radar last week and now find themselves front and centre this week. It also sorta refers to the last second nature of me putting this together and the fact that it’s a shorter than usual column so I could get this up today.

Now for your regular (and not fondly thought of) radio show update. Editing has wrapped up on the December 8th edition of Lowdown Extra. It will be our longest ever at about 1:22:37 of podcast goodness. We haven’t looked at the radio show version but it should have talk about DJ Hero, Band Hero, Lego Rock Band, random gifts and green shopping along with the usual news, entertainment and sports. It’s going to be a long weekend sorting all that out at Lowdown HQ. Continue reading