Sunday Link-Off: Don’t Sweat the Lawsuit

taylor-swift-instagram16-01Well, this has been an interesting week for the press. Over in the gaming world, you have Jim Sterling facing a $10 million lawsuit for being a games critics. Gawker just lost a $100 million lawsuit over its interpretation of the First Amendment. It makes you wonder why little outlets like this exist. All you have to do is say the wrong thing and someone could try to ruin your life with a multimillion lawsuit. Of course, when you’re a small site, you should probably get a nice letter first because the Streisand Effect is real.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means it’s time for the links. Let’s kick off with the picture that took Reddit by storm and start with Taylor Swift.

Hulk Hogan won $115 million in his sex tape lawsuit against Gawker. Interestingly, the matter of the First Amendment as it relates to Hogan’s privacy wasn’t really considered by the trial judge. (Reuters)

Gawker is planning to appeal because a number of matters that were a part of an FBI investigation related to the sextape were sealed and not permitted to be shown in evidence to the jury. Now that they have been unsealed, Gawker has a stronger case. (New York Magazine)

Whether he takes the Oath of Office or not, Donald Trump has already had a major impact on American politics. (The Atlantic)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Use the Force

taylor-swift-gq15-03bWelcome, my friends, to the show that never ends. Jackie might still be on his world tour but I’m here to cover the entertainment links this week. Of course, Jackie picked a good week to hand this over to me. There’s a kids movie (Goosebumps), two early Oscar bait movies (Truth and Bridge of Spies) and a del Toro movie (Crimson Peak) which is probably your best bet for the weekend. I actually think the first link of the day will be your big entertainment story of the week.

Along with that, we have a look at what’s happening with former NBA/reality TV star Lamar Odom, current and upcoming box office bombs and Taylor Swift’s personal life. Speaking of which, let’s kick off with Taylor Swift.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Power and Politics

taylor-swift-glamouruk15-01Politics isn’t an easy arena to be in. Unless you’re exceptionally popular or just happen to luck into it, chances are that more than half of your constituents will disagree with whatever you do or say. I can’t say that I can understand how someone could hate themselves so much to put up with it unless they legitimately think they can help people more than the next man. Of course, if you aren’t in it for public service, I won’t vote for you. I can think of plenty of politicians who I wouldn’t vote for.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for us to do the links. Considering the controversial nature of politics, it’s only fitting that the controversial Taylor Swift opens up this post.

Amid the coverage of the Baltimore riots on Fox News, Shep Smith once again proves that he is the station’s only voice of reason. (Salon)

The US Supreme Court is hearing arguments to decide if gay marriage should be legalized in America. Support for it has increased by 50% since 1988. (Washington Post)

Watch out, Hilary! Bernie Sanders is coming for you! (VPR)

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Who is the Most Popular Pop Star in America? (Infographic)

There are all the Billboard charts, YouTube views and countless of random and pointless awards shows but there is no definitive way of determining who is the biggest pop star in the world is right now.

Well, that is until now. Our friends at Movoto have crunched the numbers to figure out which of today’s biggest pop stars is the most popular in each American state. It’s not a clean sweep but there certainly is an oerwhelming favourite pop star in the US right now.

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Man Lab Showdown: Taylor Swift vs. Selena Gomez

Normally when we put together a Man Lab Showdown, there’s some sort of topical theme that helps us pick the two combatants. In this instance, it’s a birthday and a friendship that has given inspiration to this month’s Showdown poll and I think that it just might go down as an all-time favourite among our readership.

In one corner is the birthday girl. Turning 25 on December 13th and having almost as many high-profile breakups that have spawned his albums is Taylor Swift. In the other corner is one of her best friends who most would think would be best served by having her own high profile breakup, Selena Gomez.


More pictures and the poll after the jump.

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Sunday Link-Off: Grab A Chair

Between Romney and Ryan’s lies and Clint Eastwood’s invisible President on a chair, it’s been an interesting week in politics. With the Democratic National Convention this week, it’s not going to be any less dull. Anyway, let’s start this post off with Canadian model Nicole Williams.

What if the critics are wrong and Mitt Romney isn’t actually a flip-flopper but an opportunist who uses that appearance to mask his true intentions? (Rolling Stone)

Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech for the Republican VP nomination was so full of lies that even Fox News called him out on his bullshit. (Fox News)

Last Wednesday, I linked to an article asking if Reagan was too moderate for today’s Republican Party. It turns out that suggestion is gaining some traction. (New York Times)

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Worst of Music: Taylor Swift – Lose Yourself (Live)

Feeling counts for so much in music. If you don’t sing a song the right way, you could turn any of the great Lennon/McCartney, Jagger/Richards or Taupin/John songs from epic pieces of musical greatness into steaming piles of shit. And that brings us to this week’s Worst of Music. When you cover the greatest rap song of the 21st century, you have to do it justice to get away without earning a WoM to teach you a lesson. Last week, we heard about country starlet Taylor Swift covering Eminem’s Lose Yourself. It as so bad and soulless that I have no choice but to call it this week’s Worst of Music. Continue reading

Late Night Link-Off: The Great Linkdump Caper

Welcome to the first installment in what is our late-night linkdump here on the blog. We’re now negotiating doing a weekly linkdump for our pals over at a blog to be named when we complete the deal. These definitely aren’t the standard links that you’ll see on the WLO, ELO or SLO. Let’s call them rated-R links with some typical Lowdown fun and insanity. To kick off the first installment of the LNLO, here’s Taylor Swift who’s probably the least R-rated celeb in the world.

South Park just did their parody of food porn on last week’s episode but here are ten videos that are slightly more truthful in their advertising of food porn in a SFW sort of way. (Manofest)

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The Humanoids: Instant Insanity

We live in a world where when something happens, everybody knows about it almost instantly. The age of the internet, we’ve become a society that is constantly connected with every other place on earth and we demand information as it happens. And this is driving me insane. You just can’t get away from the barrage of news and reviews from around the world. The problem is, though, that the thought of turning TweetDeck off scares me because I might miss something that happens as the story develops. This internal contradiction of not caring about knowing but still needing to know is driving me insane. And today’s Humanoids column is all about those things that drive people insane. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Diamond Gems

Taylor Swift has nothing to do with baseball but she’s one of American Idle’s few gems. Yes, I know how to spell.

After two awful prelude fights, negotiations are still happening to make Pacquiao vs. Mayweather. However, the Pacman isn’t quite on the up and up on what’s happening in discussions. (Yahoo Sports)

It’s been 28 years since Gilles Villeneuve died at Zolder. Here’s a look at some of the best Gilles stories from his manager. (MotorSport Magazine) And, yes, he still is the greatest driver in F1 history.

Best job of all-time? Eric Byrnes will collect his big league money while playing in the beer leagues. (The Big Lead)

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