Top Gear on 60 Minutes

As frequent readers know, our favourite TV at The Lowdown Blog is BBC’s Top Gear. Taken at face value, it’s a show about cars and the people who drive them. Really, it’s about three middle-aged men (and a formerly anonymous racing driver) who act like school kids, drive really fast, say whatever they feel like and have a good time doing it. For whatever reason, the iconic news show 60 Minutes went over to England to profile the show and its hosts. After the jump, we have the full 60 Minutes story on Top Gear. Continue reading


Top Gear Stunt Is Ambitious But Rubbish

james-may-flying-caravanA star of the hit British automotive TV show, Top Gear, escaped unharmed after another of the shows trademark stunts went wrong. James May was flying in a caravan being held aloft by a giant blimp-shaped balloon that formed a sort of airship. High winds pushed the airship off course and into some trees. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Very Lively

Blake Lively was the star of this past Sunday’s Emmys. That red dress has launched her into the realm of the A-list celeb.

Former Russian President Boris Yeltzin was notorious for his love of alcohol. It wasn’t just at home that he loved to drink. Bill Clinton’s empty liquor cabinet can attest to that. (Daily Telegraph)

You can say a lot of things about Oregon Ducks football coach Chip Kelly. One thing you can’t say is that he isn’t a class act. A fan demanded his money back from his trip to a bad road game and Kelly sent the man a cheque. (EDSBS)

Is it sad when the fan that paid to get into the Russian soccer game is better than the overpaid capitalist dog that’s a star player. I guess in Soviet Russia, stars cheer you. (Off the Post)

After the jump, the end of the Lego house, the greatest basketball shot ever, and the failure of the Dallas Cowboys’ Party Pass tickets. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Up To Speed

blake-lively3Here’s Blake Lively. If you get close enough to her to make small talk, the book is Chuck Hogan’s Prince of Thieves. You’re welcome.’s American website was dropped by the BBC. As a parting “thanks, you bastards,” the editorial staff decided to play a prank on the whole of the internet (New York Times)

Speaking of Top Gear, host James May is up to no good. After making a plasticine garden and building a life-sized Lego house, he’s building a real-length race track recreation slot car track. (Daily Telegraph)

In case you were under a rock, Usain Bolt set another 100m world record. (Next Round) He was so unnaturally fast that somebody much smarter than me put together some graphs to show you how fast he is. (Science of Sports)

After the jump, the third coming of Brett Favre, more Mayfield family drama, and a very fast car races a very fast jet fighter plane. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Alcohol is the Answer

jessiqa-pace1Headlining the post in Jessiqa Pace. She was on a sign for Martini & Rossi at the Monaco Grand Prix. The drivers insisted that the sign was changed or taken down because they found it distracting. I can understand why. After the jump, ESPN synced the tapes of Lebron’s game winning three and the Cleveland news crew watching it in the studio.

We all know celebrities like to use their connections to get good seats at sporting events. Apparently, Drew Barrymore doesn’t just have ticket connections but also some with the beer vendors. (Steady Burn)

Speaking of booze, the taps will be dry in Rome for this afternoon’s EUFA Champions League final in Rome. Another shot in the war against hooliganism. (BBC) Our Lowdown radio soccer expert is in Rome. He’s likely crying into his near-beer as we read. Nah, he’ll be hammered by now.

What do you do when your bank gives you £4 million more than you asked them for? You transfer it offshore and get the hell out of the country. (Guardian)

This is a textbook example of irony: A man named as the most litigious man in the world by the Guinness World Records people is suing them. He claims they’re printing false information and calling him unflattering names. (Spokesman-Review)

While everyone complains about how expensive tickets are to the new Yankee Stadium, there is an upside. One Time Magazine reporter found a loophole in the all-you-can-eat food deal you get with Legends Suite seating. (Time)

Text messaging is destroying today’s youth. OMG! Won’t somebody spare a thought for the parents who may be paying for it. (New York Times)

4Chan is at it again. They uploaded a bunch of porn on to YouTube but hid it under titles like “Hannah Montana” and “Jonas Brothers”. I would insist that someone think of the children but, using my theory of kids finding out stuff, they would know about that before they’re teenagers. If the internet doesn’t get them, sex ed will. (BBC)

A nudity complaint about a topless bar? Is that really necessary? Wait, it was a topless donut shop? How has that not caught on in Canada, the home of the donut? (AP/Yahoo)

The plasticine garden just won’t go away. Especially now that it is going to be turned into a permanent exhibit at a location to be disclosed later. It’s a made-for-TV-special monster. (Daily Telegraph)

Coca-Cola would be proud. Traces of cocaine were found in Red Bull cola. Cola historians would know that Coca-Cola originally contained cocaine, hence the name “Coca”. (Daily Mail)

It’s a new world record! A grandmother in Atlantic City broke the world record for the longest craps roll by over an hour. (WPVI)

If they can’t spell their team’s name right, did you think that the Washington Nationals could spell the name of a former president? (D.C. Sports Blog)

Men all over the world will shed a tear when they hear about this. Hef is considering selling Playboy. (Daily Telegraph) Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Stimulus Package

olivia-wilde-3Headlining this post is Olivia Wilde who was just named the hottest woman in the world in the Maxim Hot 100. I guess we were wrong when we said that Megan Fox (#2) would take home the top spot. After the jump, I had planned on showing the new Celebrity Jeopardy skit from SNL but NBC is evil. Instead, we have Vince McMahon mocking the NFL and NBA.

Pfizer has come up with their own… Well, let’s call it their unique take on a stimulus package: Free Viagra for the unemployed. (Toronto Star)

Ever watch one of those strong man competitions where guys dead lift 700 lbs., pull firetrucks, and hold to cars in place that are trying to tear them apart? Well, a lot of time, effort, and especially money are put in by the competitors to get to the world championships. (CNBC)

Something that one could never live down: A NSF-High School pic in the yearbook. (WTSP)

British TV personality James May invaded the Chelsea Flower Show… with a plasticine garden. (Daily Telegraph) And don’t forget the accompanying slideshow. Although it didn’t win any of the best in show awards, May’s garden did get a special plasticine gold medal award for his efforts.

Some fathers reach a little when they pick out a birthday present for their teenage son. For example, a Polish immigrant in England tried to get his kid a hooker. (NY Daily News)

A man rolls up the rim to a prank gone horribly wrong. He wasn’t the target but he was the victim. Not that he should worry. Nobody wants a Venza anyway. (CBC)

What do you do when you lose $15 million at casinos in Vegas? Claim that you were drugged so you shouldn’t have to pay off your debts. (Las Vegas Sun)

Good news: The World Series will have all first pitches thrown before 8:00 this year. Bad news: It’s still baseball which means that from pre-game to final out, the game will take at least five hours for a nine inning game. (USA Today)

We mentioned the CIS All-Star gamea week-and-a-half ago. Here’s a look ahead to the 2010 CFL Draft that those all-stars were aiming for. (TSN)

The New York Times is planning on charging for some of its web content. No better way to beat the recession than to scare people away from their website. After all, why pay for content from the NYT when you can get it free on Google. (New York Observer)

A while ago, I mentioned you can track every athlete on Twitter. Now you can follow every sports blog on Twitter. (Sports Blog Tweets) Except, you can’t follow me on there. Not a big deal because you can find me @TheSteveMurray. Continue reading