Top Gear on 60 Minutes

As frequent readers know, our favourite TV at The Lowdown Blog is BBC’s Top Gear. Taken at face value, it’s a show about cars and the people who drive them. Really, it’s about three middle-aged men (and a formerly anonymous racing driver) who act like school kids, drive really fast, say whatever they feel like and have a good time doing it. For whatever reason, the iconic news show 60 Minutes went over to England to profile the show and its hosts. After the jump, we have the full 60 Minutes story on Top Gear. Continue reading


Top Gear Stunt Is Ambitious But Rubbish

james-may-flying-caravanA star of the hit British automotive TV show, Top Gear, escaped unharmed after another of the shows trademark stunts went wrong. James May was flying in a caravan being held aloft by a giant blimp-shaped balloon that formed a sort of airship. High winds pushed the airship off course and into some trees. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Feeling Lucky

jennifer-aniston-elle-sept09-1It’s pictures like this that make me ask what Brad Pitt was thinking when he dumped Jennifer Aniston.

If Top Gear host Richard Hammond didn’t have bad luck, he would have no luck at all. Last weekend, he was involved in a minor collision at a roundabout that probably improved the look of his Morgan AeroMax. (Daily Mail)

Then again, it could have been someone from the supermarket he endorses trying to finish him off. They weren’t fond of him saying that he wasn’t interested in food on a recent episode of Top Gear. (Daily Telegraph)

The Lingerie Football League doesn’t have an All-Star team. Instead, they have an All-Fantasy team… without pictures included, sadly. (LFL)

After the jump, more Top Gear crashes, marketing failures, and the motorhome racing championship. Continue reading