The Order: 1886 Review: Paint by Numbers

the-order-1886-headerLaunch window exclusives are a very specific type of game. They tend to focus more on showing off the potential of the hardware at the expense of doing anything particularly memorable in terms of gameplay and story. As such, these are titles that you can quickly find in the bargain bin after release. They’re neat for a little bit but soon forgotten when actual good games start coming out.

Take The Order: 1886, for example. I got it as on Black Friday 2015 for $10. It released for $60 back in… February 2015? That can’t be right. The PlayStation 4 launched in November 2013. How did something that was clearly designed as a system showcase not come out until some sixteen months after the console launched?

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Wednesday Link-Off: Get Out The Vote

natalie-dormer-zoolander16-03The New Hampshire primaries were last night. The Sanders win probably wasn’t a huge surprise but the GOP was probably a shock with Trump winning by doubling up on John Kasich who was a shock second place. I guess the Rubio challenge was short-lived. Granted, we do have a long way to go until November.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so it’s time for the links. Let’s kick things off with Natalie Dormer.

I find it slightly ironic that FX Canada is showing a mini-series about the OJ Simpson trial at the same time as the Jian Ghomeshi trial takes place in Canada. These two cases could have some amazing parallels when it’s all said and done because of how much of a disaster this case is becoming for the Crown. (The Globe and Mail)

Donald Trump won the GOP New Hampshire Primary. The Huffington Post didn’t mince words. (The Hill)

The press isn’t just dishing it out to Trump. They’re taking it from him too. (Washington Post)

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Recreating Famous Movie Road Trips

One thing that I really wanted to do after university was go on a road trip. Sadly, when you’re a broke college student, gas and accommodations were the least of your problems. Being able to afford a car was going to be a much bigger task. Mind you, if the roof wasn’t torn, I was totally buying that 60s Ford Galaxy convertible.

Anyway, just because you couldn’t do a road trip back in the day doesn’t mean that you can’t do one now. Thanks to this handy infographic, maybe you can draw inspiration for your road trips from a movie.

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Facebook Fails of the Week

Every so often, we look at the most spectacular fails that the internet has to offer. Well today, we look at the most spectacular fails that Facebook has to offer. This week, we have five of the best fails Facebook has to offer.

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Sunday Link-Off: 50

elizabeth-banks-vanityfair16-01Spoiler alert: I don’t have any Super Bowl links in today’s post. I doubt that surprises anyone since all the talk about the Super Bowl has been Cam Newton’s pants and whether Peyton Manning will retire which is interesting because I thought he retired before the season the way he played early on. Also, I’m still bitter the Lions had another legend retire on them in his prime. That’s so Lions.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that we’re here to do the links. Just for different, let’s kick off with Elizabeth Banks.

While work begins on the methane leak in southern California, it could be the least of the world’s problems when it comes to leaking methane. (FiveThirtyEight)

Jeb! 2016 is crashing its way into New Hampshire. It’s not pretty. (Vanity Fair)

Bell recently ran its corporate-branded mental health awareness day. Branded philanthropy is new ad blitz, I guess. The problem is that they’re missing the mark on mental health. (Rabble)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Superstars

teresa-palmer-thechoice16-01A couple hours late but never a couple dollars short (because we know that we aren’t getting much from the ads on the screen), it’s time once again for the entertainment and pop culture links in the Entertainment Link-Off. I’ve drawn in again but Jackie is supposed to make his grand return next week. And everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief.

Anyway, it’s a busy weekend if you’re looking for something to watch. Hail, Caesar, The Choice and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies are all in theatres starting this weekend. So your options are two comedies and a romance movie. Or you could watch that Super Bowl thing. Can a fifty-year-old man’s experience lead his team to victory over a quarterback half his age? And those Coldplay guys are playing too. Meh.

So it’s Saturday which means we better get to the links. To kick things off, from The Choice, here’s Teresa Palmer.

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Dirt Rally Review: The Road Less Travelled

dirt-rally-headerOn a few occasions on this blog, I have discussed the ever-changing priorities of Codemasters. The British developer has long been recognized as one of the top racing game developers but often shifts their priorities between making arcade-style games and more simulation style games. In the past, I’ve taken to calling Codemasters games “pseudo-sims” because while they tend to be more realistic and difficult than arcadey racing games but not as intense as games like rFactor and iRacing.

I should say, that was the case until I got to Dirt Rally. While Dirt 3 was much closer to a sim than the likes of Dirt Showdown, Dirt Rally feels like it goes to another level beyond that. It might not be as detailed or difficult as the likes of iRacing but that doesn’t mean it’s pick up and play, either. Of course, that’s definitely not a bad thing.

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