Wednesday Link-Off: Leaked

adriana-lima-vsx16-03Well, the Democratic convention took an unexpected turn with the resignation of the DNC chair. Matters for the convention could have been a nice and easy affair, especially when compared with the Republican gong show. Instead, the week will be clouded in doubt over whether the right person won.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so it’s time for the links. Since we do talk some LOLympics later on in the post, here’s Brazilian model Adriana Lima.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has resigned as chair of the DNC after leaked emails showed how anti-Sanders she was. (Washington Post)

It doesn’t speak well for the current system that a candidate’s team and party leadership were effectively working hand-in-hand. (Rolling Stone)

And Clinton staffers are worried that the leaks aren’t done. (The Hill)

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Facebook Fails of the Week

Every so often, we look at the most spectacular fails that the internet has to offer. Well today, we look at the most spectacular fails that Facebook has to offer. This week, we have five of the best fails Facebook has to offer.

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The WWE Draft Shows the Root Problems Won’t Be Fixed Overnight

wwe-draft-2016-bannerLast Tuesday’s inaugural edition of SmackDown Live featured the second WWE brand extension draft. Unlike 2002, which had the WWF stars and writers that carried it through the Attitude Era and a multitude of WCW and ECW alumni, the current incarnation of WWE is headed up by a select few wrestlers who are allowed to be stars and writers that have led WWE to viewership declining to record lows.

As part of the TV deal that WWE has with the USA Network / NBC Universal, the USA Network requested that changes be made to SmackDown to shore up its ratings. The call was made to go live on Tuesday nights (when WWE tapes the show) and break up the WWE roster into two separate crews in order to give people a reason to watch SmackDown in addition to Raw.

The problem is that the draft didn’t really do anything to make SmackDown important and worthy of appointment viewing.

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Sunday Link-Off: Convention Time

summer-rae-wwe16-10The Republican National Convention just wrapped up and it certainly wasn’t without controversy. The Democratic National Convention is about to kick off and I would expect is be equally a gong show. However, since the RNC just happened, I figure that I should focus on that first.

Anyway, it’s Sunday and it’s time for us to do the links. Since we have a big wrestling post coming tomorrow, let’s kick off with newly Raw exclusive wrestler Summer Rae.

Want to know the real Donald Trump? The ghostwriter of The Art Of The Deal explains how he started making the modern Trump. (The New Yorker)

How did Trump pick his running mate? Basically, his options largely eliminated themselves. (New York Times)

A big deal was made about Ted Cruz not endorsing Donald Trump. However, he had a good reason that I couldn’t argue with. (Rolling Stone)

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Entertainment Link-Off: To the Unknown

sofia boutellaIt’s Comic-Con weekend, so there would be plenty of new reveals taking place, even after the ELO gets posted. However, if you’re not lucky enough to attend, perhaps you can venture to the cinemas to catch the latest Star Trek Beyond. Reviews have been kind so far and you can catch Sofia Boutella in the flick! Not that you would recognize her under all that make up in the movie though…

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Ducati – 90th Anniversary Review: Mid-Pack

ducati-90th-anniversary-headerWhat Ferrari is to cars, Ducati is to motorcycles. The legendary Italian motorcycle manufacturer celebrates its 90th anniversary of its founding this year. To celebrate, the Italian marque joined forces with Italian racing game developer Milestone to produce a motorcycle racing game that explores the history of Ducati through some of it famous models through the years.

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F1 Power Rankings: Hungarian Grand Prix

It’s time for Magyar Nagydij! While I’ve never been a fan of the Hungaroring, the combination of low grip and low-speed that requires high downforce takes the perpetual Mercedes advantage away so that the field can have a legitimate chance at victory without a fluke happening. The last time Mercedes won in Hungary was before the Turbo V6 engine formula was introduced. Could they pull of the victory this time? The F1 Power Rankings attempts to answer that question.

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