Sunday Link-Off: List-Off

Here’s Adriana Lima in a $2 million bra. She pulls off this look far better than Sue Ellen Mischke.

I hate to disappoint you but the legendary curveballs that fall off a table on the way to the plate are all optical illusions. (Wired)

Remember that camera that got shattered during Game 4 of the ALCS? I never saw a replay that showed what really happened. Fortunately, we have freeze frame to help us. (Big League Stew)

The NBA banned a shoe for enhancing player performance this week. All that did was send sales through the roof. But what made this thing so special? (Tauntr)

After the jump, Top Gear on US TV, the legend of James Hunt and Gordon Pinsent reads Bieber’s “memoirs.”

The NFL’s new helmet-to-helmet hit rules are coming in full force this weekend. The boys at Slate look at the new rules and talk about some of the hits that caused the league to crack down. (Slate) I’ve already said that the NFL can do their thing but somebody should take up the mantle of hard-hitting football league. (Lowdown Blog)

And could I talk about football without talking Dongslinger. It looks like Favre tried to get with Sterger when he went to New York to tape Joe Buck’s short-lived talk show. (Black Sports Online)

Today in legendary racing driver stories: F1 champ James Hunt slept with 33 different women in the weeks leading up to his championship triumph. (Daily Mail)

Coming soon to a History Channel near you (in the US), it’s Top Gear USA. (Top Gear)

But if proper TG is more your thing, CBS news show 60 Minutes will be running a feature story about the show on Sunday after football. (Jalopnik)

Your car has a lot of important communication devices on it (such as turn signals, should you have gotten those on your options list) but it only really needs one more thing added to it. (Gizmodo)

We’ve got scads of lists before we get to the YouTuberry. First, it’s a list of the ten best candy bars of all-time. Can’t argue with #1. (Wasted Potentialz)

We might have mentioned before that this year is the 25th anniversary of the release of the NES. To celebrate, here’s a list of the 25 best sports games for the console. (Total Pro Sports) Blades of Steel was robbed.

It seems every time we turn around, we find out about another celebrity or athlete having an affair. It was about time someone put together a list of tips for celebs so they know what to do to have a successful affair. (Ask Men)

How about I throw in a photo gallery for good measure? Here’s a collection of all the sports stars that have dropped in on The Simpsons. (Sports Illustrated)

How about a one photo gallery? It’s a case of radar-caused weather map dong. Might be the best case of drawn live TV dong ever. (Warming Glow)

In honour of the inaugural Korean Grand Prix earlier today (though I’m watching the morning replay so no spoilers), here’s a look at what it’s like to drive a F1 race car.

Liverpool was just sold to the guys that own the Boston Red Sox. Naturally, those Taiwanese CGI news folks have been at it again.

Justin Bieber has some memoirs out. They can’t be his own. He’s only 16 years old. I’m older and could write a book on my life unless it was in size 24 font. Anyway, here’s Canadian legend Gordon Pinsent reading from Bieber’s “memoirs.”

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