Entertainment Link-Off: Blockbuster Season Is Here

Leading off the Entertainment Link-Off this week is Lizzy Caplan. She recently appeared in the film Hot Tub Time Machine. That film is hilarious and is filled with some quite memorable one-liners. If you haven’t seen it, you should definitely go check it out.

After the jump, Roger Ebert hates 3D movies, a new Save Chuck campaign, a few tidbits on upcoming films and the Muppets released their commentary on the hit viral video Bohemian Rhapsody. Continue reading


Entertainment Link-Off: The Clash Begins

Happy Easter Saturday! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never called this day Easter Saturday, but apparently the Aussies do. Anyway, kicking off this link-off is Sharni Vinson. No she’s not in the movie Clash of the Titans (out this weekend), but she’ll be taking part in a clash of her own this summer in Step Up 3D.

After the jump a few April Fool’s related items, the writer of Battlefield Earth apologizes to all moviegoers, some movie trailers to check out and the Muppets celebrate Easter by eating bunny rabbits. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Into The Dawn

I was looking for a subtly¬†anti-Twilight title so that’s why it’s weird. And Sofia Vergara looks a lot more like a woman than the Twilight toothpicks.

Let’s kick off with a trio of Twilight links. First, it’s The War of the Worlds. By which I mean the battle between the fans of Twilight and Harry Potter in NERDMAGEDDON! (NBC Dallas-Fort Worth)

There’s a university professor that thinks that Twilight should lose that fight. She says that Twilight is setting woman back despite the fact they’re the only ones that read/watch it. (Daily Telegraph)

And for the sake of balance, here’s legendary director¬†Kevin Smith talking about why Twilight isn’t such a bad thing. (Huffington Post)

After the jump, Thierry Henry’s new video game, Super Dave Osborne, and Top Gear insanity. Continue reading