Wednesday Link-Off: Leaked

adriana-lima-vsx16-03Well, the Democratic convention took an unexpected turn with the resignation of the DNC chair. Matters for the convention could have been a nice and easy affair, especially when compared with the Republican gong show. Instead, the week will be clouded in doubt over whether the right person won.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so it’s time for the links. Since we do talk some LOLympics later on in the post, here’s Brazilian model Adriana Lima.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has resigned as chair of the DNC after leaked emails showed how anti-Sanders she was. (Washington Post)

It doesn’t speak well for the current system that a candidate’s team and party leadership were effectively working hand-in-hand. (Rolling Stone)

And Clinton staffers are worried that the leaks aren’t done. (The Hill)

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Sunday Link-Off: Growth

adriana-lima-amfar16-02bYeah, I know it’s Valentine’s Day but how many people actually give a toss? I suppose that’s because I’m single but maybe it’s also because I’m a guy. Those are two things that make me predisposed to not being particularly arsed about a corporate holiday. Okay, I’m a cynic too. Three things that make me think that Valentine’s Day is a wasteful cash grab.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that we have to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Adriana Lima.

It’s not just HGH. Peyton Manning’s legacy might be built on lies. (New York Daily News)

About a third of leaked NY police contracts have clauses that allows for the destruction of civilian complaints against officers. Doesn’t that make you feel safe about policing? (The Guardian)

How is Hilary getting positive coverage from the media in the wake of a groundswell of Bernie support? By damn near “blackmailing” the press. (Gawker)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Time Off

adriana-lima-gigi-hadid-nyfw15-01After a weekend off to get incredibly drunk and surprisingly less hungover than I was expecting, I’m back to do the links. The sad thing is that I’m not really sure how much I missed in the world of news. It feels like nothing happened and yet I somehow ended up for more links than usual. Whatever works, I guess.

Anyway, it’s time for the links. Let’s kick off with personal favourite Adriana Lima and up and coming model Gigi Hadid.

Looking for strategic voting info. There’s a site for that. (Anyone But Harper)

Former Prime Minister Jean Cretien spit hot fire about Stephen Harper. (CBC News)

Paul Watson’s report on the search for the Franklin Expedition by the Canadian government was published. It has a lot of info about the inner workings of the search and the Canadian government. (BuzzFeed)

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Sunday Link-Off: Economics 101

adriana-lima-victoriassecret13-03I didn’t have a lot of time to write this up yesterday. I’ve been busy building a PC… Or trying to build a PC. Let’s hope that it works as advertised. I’ve read good things and bad about that graphics card I got. It came in a bundle. I could’ve gone for something different and paid more. Still, I was amazed how much cheaper going AMD was than Intel & NVIDIA when gaming performance is similar. Right now, my biggest complaint is that it’s not as powerful as I expected but I’ll see if I can’t tweak a bit on that.

Right, it’s Sunday which means it’s time for the links. Let’s kick it off with Adriana Lima who surprisingly hasn’t been featured on the blog in nearly two years. It’s about time that I corrected that.

So the US deficit is being reduced but at what cost? Economists say that the cost cutting and tax increase plans agreed upon by both parties is slowing economic recovery. (The New York Times)

Remember Instagram? It was big before Facebook bought it and Twitter dropped integrated image support for the app. Anyway, here’s a look at the rise and Zuckerberg-ification of Instagram. (Vanity Fair)

One social network that isn’t in danger of going away anytime soon is Reddit. If you want news and memes fast, Reddit will have it first. (Ad Age)

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Man Lab Showdown: Adriana Lima vs. Candice Swanepoel

Our third Man Lab Showdown is likely to be the best one we ever do. It’s a battle of the generations as we pit two Victoria’s Secret Angels against each other. In one corner is Adriana Lima who has been an Angel for the last 11 years and still looks amazing after giving birth to a daughter in 2009. Even at the age of 30, she’s still one of the top models in the world and one of Victoria’s Secret’s top girls. In the other corner is Candice Swanepoel who is in only her second year as an Angel. At 22, she’s already found herself near the top of the modelling world.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Those Guys Have All The Fun

I’m back to cover the Wednesday links after taking Sunday off. Let’s make up for my absence with Adriana Lima.

The ESPN book called Those Guys Have All The Fun drops next week. As a teaser, an excerpt about ex-SportsCenter anchor Keith Olbermann dropped early. (GQ)

Speaking of books, KSK and Deadspin’s Drew Magary has a novel dropping this August. Here’s an interview with the author/blogger about books/blogs… And swearing. They also talk about Drew swearing. (Son of Bold Venture)

Did you know it’s been 10 years since the XFL closed up shop? Here’s a look at how Vince McMahon’s foray into football influenced today’s NFL. (Sports Business Daily)

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Sunday Link-Off: V-Day Warmup

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Shockingly, one member of Team Lowdown actually does have plans (I would assume). Not surprisingly, it’s neither Jackie nor me. Anyway, here’s Adriana Lima.

Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, it’s only appropriate that we start with a Valentine’s Day infographic. (Cool Material)

Tomorrow is also the first day of Ken Jennings vs. a computer on Jeopardy. The problem with that matchup is that Jennings has the deck stacked against him. (Esquire)

And we’re a little late with this story but he’s the not so much of a love story of New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and a 17-year-old. (Deadspin)

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Sunday Link-Off: List-Off

Here’s Adriana Lima in a $2 million bra. She pulls off this look far better than Sue Ellen Mischke.

I hate to disappoint you but the legendary curveballs that fall off a table on the way to the plate are all optical illusions. (Wired)

Remember that camera that got shattered during Game 4 of the ALCS? I never saw a replay that showed what really happened. Fortunately, we have freeze frame to help us. (Big League Stew)

The NBA banned a shoe for enhancing player performance this week. All that did was send sales through the roof. But what made this thing so special? (Tauntr)

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