Wednesday Link-Off: Lies, Damned Lies and the News Media

amy-adams-jennifer-aniston-vfoscars15-01Just when you though that Brian Williams was the only member in the media in the middle of a scandal, I happened across a bunch of stories about news media scandals. Welcome my friends to the show that never ends. And there’s a whole bunch of legitimately interesting stories if that’s more your speed.

Anyway, it’s time for us to do the links. Because the Oscars were this weekend, let’s kickoff with something special. Here’s Amy Adams and Jennifer Aniston.

The right often complains about the war on Christmas or the war on religion but they ignore their war on science. For some reason, science is under attack from people who should know better. (National Geographic)

“Among African-American men aged fifteen to forty-four, 88.7 percent of gun deaths are homicides; among white American men aged thirty-five to sixty-four, 89.2 percent of gun deaths are suicides.: (Harper’s Magazine)

Naturally, Bill O’Reilly went to town on Brian Williams for his lying scandal. Little did he know that he was about to get caught up in a scandal of his own. (Mother Jones)

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Man Lab Showdown: Jennifer Aniston vs. Malin Akerman

This weekend is setting up to be one of the more interesting weekends in cinema for a while. That’s because rumour has it that Jennifer Aniston is going nude in the new movie Wanderlust which is debuting this weekend. While guys have been waiting for Aniston to finally have a full-fledged proper nude scene, that might not be the highlight of the movie because Canadian star Malin Akerman is also starring in the movie. And that inspires this edition of the Man Lab Showdown. In one corner is America’s sweetheart Jennifer Aniston. In the other is Canadian comedic star Malin Akerman.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Feeling Lucky

jennifer-aniston-elle-sept09-1It’s pictures like this that make me ask what Brad Pitt was thinking when he dumped Jennifer Aniston.

If Top Gear host Richard Hammond didn’t have bad luck, he would have no luck at all. Last weekend, he was involved in a minor collision at a roundabout that probably improved the look of his Morgan AeroMax. (Daily Mail)

Then again, it could have been someone from the supermarket he endorses trying to finish him off. They weren’t fond of him saying that he wasn’t interested in food on a recent episode of Top Gear. (Daily Telegraph)

The Lingerie Football League doesn’t have an All-Star team. Instead, they have an All-Fantasy team… without pictures included, sadly. (LFL)

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