Wednesday Link-Off: More Equal Than Others

miranda-kerr-wonderbra15-14Orwell once wrote, “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.” The frightening thing is how prophetic Orwell’s writing is today. I was actually just saying that Orwell’s 1984 is more relevant today than it was when it was published. The man was good and his books are just getting better with age.

And I realized something while putting this post together. I was supposed to do a Valentine’s themed picture to start the links. Let’s ignore that I forgot and just pretend I was on time with this photo of Miranda Kerr.

The fall and rise of American inequality. (NPR)

And your leading House Republicans aren’t rushing to change things. Paul Ryan thinks that the poor need to comply with the tax code more strongly. Of course. They’re the ones who can afford tax loophole finding accountants. (Washington Post)

Meanwhile, in Canada, the Quebec Education Minister says that strip searches of high schoolers is allowed if they’re “respectful.” If that isn’t among the most ridiculous things you ever heard, I don’t know what is. (Montreal Gazette)

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Sunday Link-Off: The Lost

Well, this was an odd week. A Malaysian airliner has disappeared off the face of the earth and no one knows where it is and whether it actually crashed or not. Things in Crimea could spark a war because neither Russia nor NATO want to back down over this farcical “referendum.” Basically, I’m rebuilding the bunker again. It’s been a while since I mentioned that, hasn’t it?

Anyway, I think Jackie focused on the wrong movie star at the start of his ELO. He has Kristen Bell. I have Scarlett Johansson.

The Crimean referendum is a farce and doesn’t give voters an option to not vote to join Russia. Good luck having anyone besides Russia consider this a legitimate exercise in democracy. (Reuters via Huffington Post)

Former Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych didn’t just up and run away. He planned his departure well in advance. (Kyiv Post)

A former Politico writer explains what it’s like going from covering a Presidential campaign to being thrown into the depths of retail hell. (The Atlantic)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Conventional Views

nina-agdal-calvinklein13-01I can’t really think up an intro for today’s set of the links so we may as well just get straight to the action. Let’s kick it off with Nina Agdal who hasn’t made an appearance on the blog in the last four months. May as well fix that now.

Recently re-elected New Jersey governor Chris Christie thought that Mitt Romney’s political strategists weren’t any good during his Presidential campaign. Naturally, he went out and hired them for his gubernatorial campaign. (Yahoo News)

Are you having your kids vaccinated? You should. Vaccine-preventable diseases are on the rise thanks to people denying science. (Globe & Mail)

Just what are “conventional views” in America? One Washington Post columnist implies that conventional views in America are racist. (Talking Points Memo)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Define “Essential”

alice-panikian-lasenza13-04It’s nice to start off the week with two racing recap posts. I quite enjoy writing those. By the way, have you checked out Freshly Pressed today? My latest gaming column from et geekera got picked up there.

Anyway, between motorsports stories, it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s start with Canadian model Alice Panikian.

Can you really consider John Boehner the leader of the GOP in Congress when you consider that he can’t seem to keep anyone in line. (The Hill)

Congress sure has a weird idea of what’s considered essential. The Congressional gym is considered essential and is still open. (Think Progress)

It’s not just America that is having political intrigue with money. It cost the Ontario government $1.1 billion to cancel a gas power plant project in Oakville and Mississauga. How the hell does that happen? (Toronto Sun)

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All The Ways Samuel L. Jackson Says “Fuck”

Legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson has become a Twitter legend during the Olympics. His live tape-delay commentary of the Olympics has been the most enjoyable American coverage. It’s probably more insightful than what’s on NBC. It’s definitely better than CTV’s track and field coverage. Not surprisingly, Sam’s favourite word on Twitter is the good old-fashioned f-bomb. However, he can’t seem to spell it the same way twice.

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The Humanoids: The Spoilers

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Sunday Link-Off: Hung Up And Hungover

It’s 8:00 AM on the east coast on the day after St. Patrick’s Day so I don’t expect anyone to read this until at least six hours after it was posted. Anyway, I’ve been a bit busy this week covering the entertainment beat and working on the 2012 Hottest Canadian showdown. However, I haven’t forgotten the usual Sunday posts. But first, let’s kick this one of with my favourite SI Swimsuit model Cintia Dicker.

Would you believe that the biggest casino in America is actually in Connecticut? But Foxwoods Casino might not be able to hold onto that title as the casino industry is in massive trouble. (New York Times)

Don’t like the current state of professional wrestling? Well, blame Rick Santorum. The candidate for the Presidential nomination for the Republican Party was a lobbyist who helped get the wrestling industry deregulated which started us toward modern pro wrestling. (Mother Jones)

If you thought wrestling was bad for doping, wait until you find out what’s happening in wheelchair curling. (Deadspin)

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