Wednesday Link-Off: Feeling Lucky

jennifer-aniston-elle-sept09-1It’s pictures like this that make me ask what Brad Pitt was thinking when he dumped Jennifer Aniston.

If Top Gear host Richard Hammond didn’t have bad luck, he would have no luck at all. Last weekend, he was involved in a minor collision at a roundabout that probably improved the look of his Morgan AeroMax. (Daily Mail)

Then again, it could have been someone from the supermarket he endorses trying to finish him off. They weren’t fond of him saying that he wasn’t interested in food on a recent episode of Top Gear. (Daily Telegraph)

The Lingerie Football League doesn’t have an All-Star team. Instead, they have an All-Fantasy team… without pictures included, sadly. (LFL)

After the jump, more Top Gear crashes, marketing failures, and the motorhome racing championship.

Keeping with the unlucky, it seems that the Chicago Blackhawks’ has run out. Between botching qualifying offers, turfing their GM, their new star missing the half the season for surgery and 20 Cent’s escapades, it’s all gone horribly wrong. (Chicago Tribune)

Who has the toughest job in all of sports? Not the Cowboys’ QB or Leafs’ goalie. It’s the marketing guy for the Phoenix Coyotes. (From The Rink)

Speaking of marketing, a look at the ten worst corporate name changes in the history of the world. (Time)

Believe it or not, divorce rates were discussed in my third-year marketing class. Now, the discussion has reached the blogosphere. If that one girl was incensed that divorce rates were high for the layman, her head would literally explode if she saw the figures for NFL players. (Deadspin)

I can’t believe that I forgot to bring up last weekend’s UFC pay-per-view in the last linkdump. Anyway, here’s a brief look at Philadelphia and Dana White more than UFC 101. (Sports Illustrated)

Keeping with sports, the 44th iteration of the First Golf Game is among the worst in history. At least he doesn’t cheat as much as Clinton. (Time)

Forbes released their list of the best colleges in America. Of course, something that lists a military college at #1 is a farce. (Forbes)

Today’s photo gallery brings us more Top Gear crashes. Top Gear Australia host Steve Pizzati had a spectacular series of rolls at Eastern Creek Raceway in an Aussie Racing Cars series race. (Daily Telegraph Australia)

Mind you, sometimes it seems that Top Gear hosts invite large crashes like the time that Hammond and James May went motorhome racing.


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