Wednesday Link-Off

Sportsnet is running day-old episodes of The Daily Line before the evening edition of Connected. The show sucks but at least it has Jenn Sterger.

My newest favourite on Twitter, Pulitzer Prize winner Buzz Bissinger, explains why he’s on Twitter and why he’s so angry. (The New Republic)

James Blake made an early exit from Wimbledon yesterday but he had some help. The ESPN sideline reporter tried her best to distract him. (Fanhouse)

Another thing Republicans will try to use against Obama: He hates the wave. (Power Line)

After the jump, some World Cup links, scads of baseball links, and a new Top Gear trailer.

One of the more interesting stories I’ve read from the World Cup: The ladies of the Miss World pageant showed up to a game between the USA and Slovenia. (Deadspin)

The story behind Ricky Rubio’s draft night last year. (Free Darko)

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now but Lady Gaga invaded the Yankees clubhouse last weekend. It didn’t go over so well. (Sports Grid)

First, HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm had a Seinfeld reunion. Now, SNY’s New York Mets baseball broadcast will have a Seinfeld reunion. (USA Today)

In another sign that baseball fans love their stats. Somebody looked at the outfield size of all the different major league ballparks. (Snippets)

Monopoly Canada is coming back with a new edition soon. And the new Boardwalk is… Some city no one outside of Southwestern Ontario would know about. (CBC)

In a it’s funny when it happens to them story, a fisherman loses out on a near million dollar prize because one of the crewmen on his boat didn’t have his license. (Deadspin)

We’ve got a video gallery for you today. It’s a look at the worst TV sports themes of all time. (Fang’s Bites)

Diving has become a real problem at the World Cup. This video proposes a strong response to divers.

Top Gear returns this Sunday and they’ve released a brand new trailer for this season based on a classic YouTube video.

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