Man Lab Showdown: Lindsay Ellingson vs. Erin Heatherton

Today’s Man Lab Showdown takes us back to Victoria’s Secret again. In our July showdown, we had legendary Angels Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel. This time, we have two of Victoria’s Secrets new angels facing off in one of our epic showdowns. In one corner is Lindsay Ellingson. She’s Victoria’s Secret’s newest Angel, having signed in 2011, but has been with VS on and off since 2006. Erin Heatherton has been an Angel since 2010 but only been appearing for VS since 2008. These two are the new faces of Victoria’s Secret but which will be top dog after the old guard retires.

More photos and the poll after the jump.


One thought on “Man Lab Showdown: Lindsay Ellingson vs. Erin Heatherton

  1. “There’s nothing more for me to do, I trow
    As man of honour, I confess it now.
    The Beauty comes, and had I tongues of fire,
    So many songs did Beauty e’er inspire,
    Who sees her, of his wits is dispossessed,
    And who possessed her was too highly blessed…”


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