Wednesday Link-Off: Up To Speed

blake-lively3Here’s Blake Lively. If you get close enough to her to make small talk, the book is Chuck Hogan’s Prince of Thieves. You’re welcome.’s American website was dropped by the BBC. As a parting “thanks, you bastards,” the editorial staff decided to play a prank on the whole of the internet (New York Times)

Speaking of Top Gear, host James May is up to no good. After making a plasticine garden and building a life-sized Lego house, he’s building a real-length race track recreation slot car track. (Daily Telegraph)

In case you were under a rock, Usain Bolt set another 100m world record. (Next Round) He was so unnaturally fast that somebody much smarter than me put together some graphs to show you how fast he is. (Science of Sports)

After the jump, the third coming of Brett Favre, more Mayfield family drama, and a very fast car races a very fast jet fighter plane.

I desperately wanted to avoid this but Brett Favre isn’t retiring and will make another comeback. I’ll have my thoughts on Friday but in the meantime, some far better phrased analysis of the NFL’s annual ritual. (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

The most pertinent scientific study ever conducted was conducted in Canada. Scientists at uOttawa and Carleton have determined the best way to fight off a zombie invasion. (Globe And Mail)

Rejoice car lovers. Koenigsegg has bought Saab from that hell hole that is General Motors. We can only hope that they take a V8 engine and wedge it into the 9-3. (Car Magazine)

How the hell does someone get their car stuck at the top of a drawbridge? (Journal Sentinel)

While at the Michigan International Speedway, I missed the most interesting NASCAR story of the weekend. Jeremy Mayfield got a small measure of revenge on his stepmother when he got her arrested for trespassing. (Deadspin)

GQ Magazine has finally released its interview and photo spread of Erin Andrews. Anyone expecting a deep interview or classic GQ shoot will be disappointed. (GQ)

Apparently making ice for the 2010 Winter Olympics is a very technical thing. It’s so technical that somebody felt compelled to write a feature length article about six months before the torch is lit. (New York Times)

Since I covered CIS football in the past, I’m moderately interested by this story. Western and Laval are recruiting ex-professional players to boost their championship hopes. (CIS Blog)

Today photo gallery isn’t here for the pictures as much as the captions. SI finally got somebody to write properly funny captions for its offbeat photos collection. (Sports Illustrated)

Today’s video is the world’s fastest drag race. A Bugatti Veyron races a Eurofighter over a two-mile distance.

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