Wednesday Link-Off: Into The Dawn

I was looking for a subtly anti-Twilight title so that’s why it’s weird. And Sofia Vergara looks a lot more like a woman than the Twilight toothpicks.

Let’s kick off with a trio of Twilight links. First, it’s The War of the Worlds. By which I mean the battle between the fans of Twilight and Harry Potter in NERDMAGEDDON! (NBC Dallas-Fort Worth)

There’s a university professor that thinks that Twilight should lose that fight. She says that Twilight is setting woman back despite the fact they’re the only ones that read/watch it. (Daily Telegraph)

And for the sake of balance, here’s legendary director Kevin Smith talking about why Twilight isn’t such a bad thing. (Huffington Post)

After the jump, Thierry Henry’s new video game, Super Dave Osborne, and Top Gear insanity.

Tomorrow is American Thanksgiving. Near as I can tell, it’s a holiday about shopping, football, and food. So some smart person mashed all those together in an NFL power ranking comparing teams to food. (Bleacher Report)

Speaking of football, watch out for the six-year-old kids. They will hit you as hard as Ray Lewis. (With Leather)

Since we dedicated the early part of this linkdump to Twilight, let’s look at another movie juggernaut. High School Musical is being remade for the Chinese market. I would assume that means no nude picture scandal this time. (CBC)

I’m not sure how to best describe this column on Twitter. I will agree with the general assessment that there are a lot of twits on Twitter. (National Lampoon)

You would think that CBS News anchor Katie Couric would be a fairly straight-edge person given her job. Instead, she got shitfaced on her first night on the job and danced the night away. (Gawker)

If you need something to listen to at work today (and assuming you’ve already listened to our radio show), then you should check out Bill Simmons interview with Super Dave Osborne (The BS Report)

Or if podcasts aren’t your thing to kill time at work, then maybe you’d prefer to play a game. Here’s the new (unofficial) Thierry Henry Handball game. (Jeu de Main)

Today’s first photo gallery was so appropriately titled that I can’t improve upon with any description. It’s the seedy underbelly of sports fan art. (Deadspin)

The second photo gallery looks at what you should do if Roland Emmerich is onto something with the whole end of the world thing. It’s 12 places to go before shit hits the fan. (Business Insider)

If you haven’t watched Top Gear this week, the big challenge was the guys building an electric car. They sent the car to get reviewed by a car magazine. Here’s that review. Minor spoilers for those that haven’t seen the episode yet.

The latest viral sensation sweeping the internet is The Muppets. They’re back with a cover of the Queen classic, Bohemian Rhapsody.

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