Sunday Link-Off: Media Massacre

We’ve got a pretty packed linkdump for you today. And I thought I’d be too busy with the 2012 Hottest Canadian bracket to put this post together. Okay, not really. I just wanted an excuse to plug it. In the meantime, here’s Sofia Vergara who is ineligible for our bracket because she’s Columbian.

Has Google gone completely evil? With all the changes they’re shoving down our throats, there’s a case for that claim. (Gizmodo)

The Onion is making the move from New York to Chicago but it hasn’t exactly gone over well or even very smoothly. (The Atlantic Wire)

Under the leadership of AJ Daulerio, Gawker has not only grown but become a more fun place for writers to work. (Nieman Journalism Lab)

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Sunday Link-Off: I’m Han Solo

Since there wasn’t a Wednesday linkdump last week, I’ll try to make up for it with Sofia Vergara and Minka Kelly at the start of this one.

I don’t think the Celtics are going to go far this season (I call it The Shaq Effect) but I think this Nate Robinson guy has a future. He’s already pranking the team’s stars. (Red’s Army)

Coming soon to a free porn site near you is the Tiger Woods Sex Tape. I’ll believe it when I see it. (Radar Online)

Alex Anthopoulos came into the season as a rookie GM. With his first season at the helm of the Jays in the books, here’s a look back at his last year. (National Post)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Epic Exit

Here’s Sofia Vergara who stars in a show that I’ve never watched but probably should.

This week has been all about the epic ways that people have left their jobs. Monday, a Jet Blue steward went ballistic after his flight landed and had a monumental meltdown. (NBC New York)

Then Tuesday, we were introduced to Jenny who quit her job by emailing a series of 33 photos to her coworkers. (The Chive)

Mind you, there’s been some debate over whether Jenny is real or not. The men behind her photos on The Chive say she’s for real. (All Things Digital) After last year’s Trump stunt, can we believe them?

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Wednesday Link-Off: Into The Dawn

I was looking for a subtly anti-Twilight title so that’s why it’s weird. And Sofia Vergara looks a lot more like a woman than the Twilight toothpicks.

Let’s kick off with a trio of Twilight links. First, it’s The War of the Worlds. By which I mean the battle between the fans of Twilight and Harry Potter in NERDMAGEDDON! (NBC Dallas-Fort Worth)

There’s a university professor that thinks that Twilight should lose that fight. She says that Twilight is setting woman back despite the fact they’re the only ones that read/watch it. (Daily Telegraph)

And for the sake of balance, here’s legendary director Kevin Smith talking about why Twilight isn’t such a bad thing. (Huffington Post)

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