Sunday Link-Off: Why Can’t We Be Friends

The folks at Esquire claim that it’s the start of summer so they have Marisa Miller in a bikini. Works for me.

It’s time again for Drew Magary’s annual message to college graduates. I can really get behind this year’s message. (Deadspin)

And on a slightly college related note, with the rise of Facebook, what exactly does “friend” mean now? (Boston Globe)

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Buzz Bissinger is just as pissed of at the media as you are. He can’t believe that the media is trying to turn Osama bin Laden into a victim. (Philadelphia Daily News)

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Wednesday Link-Off

Sportsnet is running day-old episodes of The Daily Line before the evening edition of Connected. The show sucks but at least it has Jenn Sterger.

My newest favourite on Twitter, Pulitzer Prize winner Buzz Bissinger, explains why he’s on Twitter and why he’s so angry. (The New Republic)

James Blake made an early exit from Wimbledon yesterday but he had some help. The ESPN sideline reporter tried her best to distract him. (Fanhouse)

Another thing Republicans will try to use against Obama: He hates the wave. (Power Line)

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