Wednesday Link-Off: The Best of 2011

It’s time for our collection of best of 2011 list links. To kick it off, it’s our scientifically determined woman of the year Kate Upton. Not that we actually needed to use our fancy system to figure that out.

Since this is a linkdump about the best of 2011, I think it’s only appropriate that the first link is to a list of the best of everything of 2011. (Time)

Still having trouble figuring out who’s worth a follow on Twitter? You might want to try this list of the top 100 Twitter accounts of 2011. (Paste Magazine)

Perhaps you prefer your internet a bit more meme-ish. Then check out this list of the best memes of 2011. (Made Man)

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Sunday Link-Off: List-Off

Here’s Adriana Lima in a $2 million bra. She pulls off this look far better than Sue Ellen Mischke.

I hate to disappoint you but the legendary curveballs that fall off a table on the way to the plate are all optical illusions. (Wired)

Remember that camera that got shattered during Game 4 of the ALCS? I never saw a replay that showed what really happened. Fortunately, we have freeze frame to help us. (Big League Stew)

The NBA banned a shoe for enhancing player performance this week. All that did was send sales through the roof. But what made this thing so special? (Tauntr)

After the jump, Top Gear on US TV, the legend of James Hunt and Gordon Pinsent reads Bieber’s “memoirs.” Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: The Almighty Dollar

For no real reason, here’s Anna Kournikova in 3D. I wish I held on to one pair 3D glasses right about now.

The NFL doesn’t have a salary cap this year so teams have carte blanche (more or less) on total salary. So who are the biggest spenders? Mostly teams that suck. (Pro Football Talk)

There hasn’t been much in the way of bright spots for the Blue Jays this season. Fortunately, they have Jose Bautista to make everything better for fans. (Sports and the City)

Here’s a profile of sports columnist Jason Whitlock. The best line is “I try not to burn bridges, but he napalms them.” I can appreciate the need to do that. (New York Times)

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