Sunday Link-Off: Too Hot To Handle

blake-lively-marie-claire-1Blake Lively kicks off another link-dump because, well, isn’t that obvious?

The video of the women’s college soccer catfight has made the rounds of the sports blogosphere. I have to say, though, they impressed me with their drive and tenacity. And, as much as she scares me, if Elizabeth Lambert ever wants to give me a call… (Deadspin)

I thought to myself: What would be almost as good as a picture of Blake Lively to link to? How about Carrie Fisher and her stunt double sunbathing in their metal bikinis? (Sci Fi Wire)

Life lesson: Double check who you’re sending your emails to. For example, if you work for a business school, don’t forward your string of emails with your mistress to the whole school. (Guest of a Guest)

After the jump, tons of Top Gear, the greatest man caves, and some disgraced baseball players surface.

In the delusions of grandeur files, there was actually a victory speech written for Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin. Fortunately, everything leaks to the internet. (The Daily Beast)

Rejoice, car lovers of the world. Top Gear is back next week. (Top Gear)

The Onion Sports Network is going to be the basis of a new half-hour sitcom on Comedy Central. As good as the OSN guys are, I can’t see this ending well. (The Live Feed)

Fang’s Bites gave out awards to baseball TV broadcasters. I mention this mostly because ex-CHRW broadcaster Dan Shulman won an award. (Fang’s Bites) To think that I followed in his footsteps at Radio Western…

Speaking of baseball, Sammy Sosa has come out of hiding. He’s either got a skin condition or he’s a member of the walking dead. Who knew the juice turned you into the undead? (Midwest Sports Fans)

One last baseball note: Included on the deleted scenes of box office flop Bruno is an interview with baseball legend Pete Rose. After this, the man deserves more to be in more than the WWE Hall of Fame. (First Cuts)

A lengthy but good read about anonymous commenting on local news stories. (Metro Pulse) Don’t have to worry about that in my hometown. The local news site only does press releases.

Speaking of newspapery things, the story behind the @FakeAPStylebook Twitter account. (Wired)

Since we went to the U of WO, stories like this one are always interesting to us. If you wanted to hack the UWO email system or pull a fast one on someone, it’s ridiculously easy. (Lion’s Den University)

Today’s first photo gallery is a look at the fifteen best man caves posted online. I’m quite partial to #14 myself, though #6 wouldn’t be so bad. (Bro Bible)

Today’s second photo gallery is the fifteen funniest sports-related animated GIFs. (Jock and Balls)

I was thinking what I should toss in as the gratuitous YouTubery of the day and I decided to go back to an earlier link for inspiration. Courtesy of the BBC, here’s the Top Gear boys trying to make their own police cars on a budget.


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