Top Gear Stunt Is Ambitious But Rubbish

james-may-flying-caravanA star of the hit British automotive TV show, Top Gear, escaped unharmed after another of the shows trademark stunts went wrong. James May was flying in a caravan being held aloft by a giant blimp-shaped balloon that formed a sort of airship. High winds pushed the airship off course and into some trees.

The stunt originally called for May to land the airship on the cricket pitch in the village of Eltisley, Cambs. Instead, high winds forced the airship about a half-mile off course, sideways into trees in a farmer’s field near the A428 highway.

It’s believed that May was racing Richard Hammond who was driving a Lamborghini. The race was supposed to end in the middle of a cricket match taking place on the pitch but May ended up getting a bit side-tracked.

May is the luckiest of the Top Gear presenters when it comes to stunts gone wrong. Richard Hammond crashed in a jet-powered dragster when it’s right-front tire exploded causing the car to spin out and roll at 288 MPH.

Last year, Jeremy Clarkson hurt his legs, hand, neck, and back when he crashed a transport (lorry) through a brick wall. Unlike Hammond’s crash, this one was on purpose. (Skip to 7:08, though more crashes start at 5:10.)


2 thoughts on “Top Gear Stunt Is Ambitious But Rubbish

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  2. As a CaravansTV show producer in the UK, I just wish I had the kind of budget to do what these guy’s do, good content make good telly, together with the best editing skills, makes this programme superb to watch – and that’s why they have such a massive following . . . . . . OH Yeh, and the cars are good too !

    I think Top Gear is one of the best programmes on the BBC, and it gets better all the time. I thought this particular episide was also great, and thier world wide decleration for hating Caravans continues Brilliently, a reputation they need to keep up ! . . . . . .Even Though I own a Caravan myself.

    I have seen many websites now, all basically saying the same things, all complaining about the same stuff in regard to Top Gear and thier on screen adventures being fake – Does it matter if the whole thing is staged ?

    I’t s all about getting ratings, and the best way for the BBC to do this is by entertainement, and that’s why they do what they do, to entertain us, it works – and they know it . . . .Top Gear used to be boring – No longer

    Keep it up Guy’s !


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