Brett Favre Link-Off: Favre-mageddon

Not surprisingly, to kick off the second Favre-dump, here’s Jenn Sterger.

In case you needed a reminder of the back story of the whole Favre/Sterger/Favre Dong saga, here was the original story heard around the world from two months ago. (Deadspin)

And here are the pictures of Favre dong that has started Favre-mageddon. Naturally, this is NSFW because of the photos of Favre’s little gunsligner at the end of the video. (Deadspin)

Surprisingly, the media did actually ask Favre about the pictures this time. Little did he know about the double entendre he made at his own expense. (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

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The Humanoids: Comeback Kids

This week’s edition of The Humanoids is about all those folks who are coming back into the public eye after some time away or are getting over some minor issues (like prison). For a couple of these folks, we don’t mind seeing them get back in the game. As for Brett Favre, we wish he’d just go away. His comeback isn’t such a welcome thing but his latest saga brought a couple of our favourites out of the woodwork. You’d know all about that from yesterday’s Favre-themed linkdump. Don’t worry, there’s lots more than Favre in today’s post. Continue reading

Brett Favre Link-Off: Pants on the Ground

Well, Brett Favre is in the news. Actually, after the last couple of days, that might be the understatement of the century. Jenn Sterger figures largely into this story.

Let’s start this linkdump with a look at how this week started. Tuesday, we got a report that Favre was going to call it a career. (FOX Sports)

Then, he decided to tell his boys as ESPN that he might comeback if his body is up to it. You know, the same body that forced him to retire the day before. (ESPN)

And here’s the story that took all the focus off Brett Favre’s latest retirement saga. Here’s the Favre dong photo story saga. (Deadspin)

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Wednesday Link-Off

Sportsnet is running day-old episodes of The Daily Line before the evening edition of Connected. The show sucks but at least it has Jenn Sterger.

My newest favourite on Twitter, Pulitzer Prize winner Buzz Bissinger, explains why he’s on Twitter and why he’s so angry. (The New Republic)

James Blake made an early exit from Wimbledon yesterday but he had some help. The ESPN sideline reporter tried her best to distract him. (Fanhouse)

Another thing Republicans will try to use against Obama: He hates the wave. (Power Line)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Risky Business

jenn-sterger-1Here’s Jenn Sterger who’s been making news lately. More on her in a bit.

I’ve had some bad coaches growing up but they were mostly of the incompetent kind. But the stars of the Asshole Coach Digest take the cake. (Deadspin)

Hold on to your breakfasts because here’s the 10 most brutal hockey injuries of the last ten years. If Zednik’s cut on the neck was only #3, there’s some bad ones on here. (Puck Daddy)

While those were gruesome in a bad way, these fatal injuries are hilarious. That’s because the victim in all 25 deaths is South Park’s Kenny McCormick. (IGN)

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