Console Wars: The Xbox One’s Failure to Launch is a Marketing Failure

playstation-4-vs-xbox-one-controllersHaving had a few days to digest the two very different launch events for Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, I’ve come to a realization. As much as people don’t seem to like the Xbox launch, it wasn’t a failure in and of itself. In fact, I believe that Microsoft successfully accomplished what it set out to do.

The Xbox One and PlayStation Four both play video games. However, if you were to watch the two launch events, I’d understand if you were a little confused by that statement. While the PlayStation 4’s launch emphasised how it plays games and how it augments that with the social networking and sharing features, the Xbox spent comparatively little time talking about the games.

The difference in the launches was an example of how the console manufacturers are positioning their next-gen consoles in the market.

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Does Anyone Believe What They See In Ads? (Infographic)

It might be the cynic in me but I have a hard time believe a lot of promises in advertising. It’s generally a case of if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It turns out that I’m not the only one who feels this way. This infographic shows there are a great many who have a hard time believing what they see in ads. Continue reading

Top Ten Super Bowl 45 Ads

Let’s face it. The Super Bowl is not actually about football. It’s really just a big budget marketing exercise for companies with more money than sense. A thirty-second ad spot on Fox for Super Bowl 45 cost $3,000,000. With 111 million people watching the game in the US and millions more checking out the ads on YouTube, there’s no bigger day for marketing executives to earn their salaries.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Feeling Lucky

jennifer-aniston-elle-sept09-1It’s pictures like this that make me ask what Brad Pitt was thinking when he dumped Jennifer Aniston.

If Top Gear host Richard Hammond didn’t have bad luck, he would have no luck at all. Last weekend, he was involved in a minor collision at a roundabout that probably improved the look of his Morgan AeroMax. (Daily Mail)

Then again, it could have been someone from the supermarket he endorses trying to finish him off. They weren’t fond of him saying that he wasn’t interested in food on a recent episode of Top Gear. (Daily Telegraph)

The Lingerie Football League doesn’t have an All-Star team. Instead, they have an All-Fantasy team… without pictures included, sadly. (LFL)

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