Sony to Launch PlayStation 4 Slim Alongside PS4 Neo

sony-playstation-4-slim-leakSony will be unveiling not one but two new PlayStation 4 consoles at the upcoming PlayStation event on September 7th. While it has been long expected that Sony would unveil an upgraded PlayStation 4, codenamed Neo and colloquially referred to as the 4K, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sony will be launching a previously unannounced smaller version of the PS4 at the same event.

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Olympic Fails of the Week

The 2016 edition of the Olympics / LOLympics / Apocalympics have come and gone and we have to wait another 18 months before we can do this all again. I don’t think there will be as many problems nor will it be as fun to mock the South Koreans since they don’t really deserve it unless they really screw it up. But to conclude our examination of the 2016 Olympics, we look at more of the failures from Rio. So ten pictures, GIFs, videos, tweets and news stories with just some of the epic fails from the Rio Apocalympics so far.

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Sunday Link-Off: Fireworks

sasha-banks-gq16-04It’s a busy weekend in the world. Last night was UFC 202 (I had it as a 47-47 draw giving McGregor a Rounds 1 [10-8] and 4 while Diaz had the other three), NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 2 and the final Tragically Hip concert. Tonight is the Apocalympic closing ceremony and Summerslam. There is definitely something for everyone to watch tonight… And Netflix. I really need to watch Stranger Things.

Anyway, it’s Sunday so we have to do the links. Since Summerslam is tonight, let’s kick things off with Sasha Banks.

Last night was goodbye for The Tragically Hip in what could only be considered a Canadian cultural moment the likes of which will never be matched. (The New Yorker)

And in case you don’t know any Hip songs, here is a list of ten of their best songs. (Rolling Stone)

Millennials aren’t that entitled. A new study says that millennials’ inflation-adjusted earnings are earning $4,200 less than people thirty years their senior. (Press Progress)

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Battlefield Hardline Review: SWAT and Robbers

battlefield-hardline-headerBattlefield Hardline came out only 15 months ago and yet I was able to buy a copy from EA’s own Origin store for only $5 just a few weeks ago. It’s amazing that a spin-off of one of EA’s flagship franchise could be discounted to basically free in just over a year from its release. It’s as if EA admitted that they missed the mark with their take on cops & robbers. The question is if the deserves its apparent lack commercial support is because gamers are burnt out in Battlefield or if Battlefield just doesn’t make for a good law enforcement game.

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Alto’s Adventure Review: Coolboarders

altos-adventure-headerWhile my day job might be in accounting, the other university courses I liked were communications and marketing. One of the concepts that they emphasized is being able to pitch a product in one line. If I was to give a short line to describe Alto’s Adventure, it would be “Journey as an endless runner.” While a free-to-play mobile game won’t quite live up to one of the best games ever released on the PS3, Alto’s Adventure sure does more than hold its own in its genre.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Follow The Money

michelle-jenneke-instagram16-01It figures that the good political stories were posted immediately following the Sunday links being posted. A secret ledger being discovered in the Ukraine by an anti-corruption team is certainly big news and even bigger when it might impact the office of the President of the United States.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for the links. Since we missed her Olympic appearance, here is Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke.

Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau found a secret ledger showing $12.7 million in payments from then-President Viktor Yanukovych’s pro-Russian political party to now Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort. Manafort was a paid consultant for Yanukovych’s own Presidential campaign. (New York Times)

Coincidentally, Trump had advocated for a stronger US stance against Russia until recently softening his tone. Many people are saying this and the previous link are connected. (Politico)

And at the same time as that report came out, Ivanka Trump, daughter of the Republican Presidential nominee and one of his closest advisers, was on vacation with Vladimir Putin’s reported girlfriend. (Galore Magazine)

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The Secret Industry of US Private Prisons (Infographic)

The US prison system costs America’s federal government over $55 billion per year for just over two million prisoners. It doesn’t seem like very good value for money so why isn’t there a reevaluation of what lands people in prison? Well, that’s thanks in part to the US’s privately run prisons which requires minimum occupancy.

For this and more info about the US prison system, we have this handy infographic for your perusal.

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