Entertainment Link-Off: Aftermath

olivia-munn-esquire13-01Don’t adjust the dial. I’ve drawn in for Jackie this week. Normal service will resume next week. My problem is that Jackie has this uncanny ability to off-load the ELO to me when the weekend movie releases are terrible. This week, we have the Smith family sci-fi movie After Earth and the magic crime movie Now You See Me. Well, at least the latter looks like it could be fun. After Earth looks shit. Catch up on old movies or save up for Man of Steel and read a book this weekend.

Rather than promote anything out this week, let’s start off with Olivia Munn. The Newsroom is back soon and you really should watch it. As much as some people hate it, I’ve seen a real change in the importance of fact checking and how news is reported since the show started airing.

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Sunday Link-Off: Happy Easter

It’s Easter Sunday. Since it’s been a while since we’ve featured her and since she’s been in Playboy, here’s Olivia Munn.

Just in time for Easter, ESPN has a list of each country’s highest paid athlete. Surprisingly, Canada’s highest paid athlete isn’t a hockey player. (ESPN)

Not among those high paid athletes are relief pitchers for the Clearwater Threshers who resort to fundraising while in the bullpen to make some extra coin. (The XLog)

And with the wedding of the century this coming Friday, here’s Gourmet Spud’s look at Jay-Z’s wedding vows… Yeah, even I’ll admit that segue both sucked and blew. Just hit the damn link. (Food Court Lunch)

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Sunday Link-Off: The Gossip Guys

Here’s Olivia Munn to remind you that G4 isn’t all for the nerds.

Let’s take a break from Favre for a moment. Hear about that Tiger Woods sex tape with Devon James? Well, smart money says that it’s a fake. (Sports By Brooks)

And back to Brett. Deadspin’s latest Favre story can be summarized with: But wait! There’s more! More Jets employees say the old dongslinger wanted a piece of them. (Deadspin)

And tangentially related to the above, the president of  Bolivia isn’t the cleanest soccer player in the world. While the ref wasn’t looking, he kneed an opponent in the groin. (Out of Bounds)

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Sunday Link-Off: Full Speed Ahead

Let’s start off with Olivia Munn who has a new sitcom on NBC this fall. More on that in our next Lowdown BlogCast.

The 2010-11 NFL season kicks off on Thursday. So have you ever wondered how your favourite team got its nickname. Here’s the story behind all 32 teams. (Mental Floss)

With the NFL season comes another interesting point. Sports today just don’t seem as good as they were when I was growing up. And here are five reasons that they won’t be as good for my (eventual) kids. (Smoking Section)

Top Gear USA is coming very soon to the History Channel. The latest released clip looks more promising than the last. (Jalopnik) Maybe that CBC Radio show I was listening to should have watched this clip too (or maybe an episode) before writing the show off as a definite failure.

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Sunday Link-Off: Geeked

Because I link to a podcast with her in this edition of the SLO, here’s Olivia Munn. Jackie tells me I’m obligated to mention that she’s in Iron Man 2.

I have to lead with this. The biggest news of the last month (not just week) is that copyright claims are being fired off to YouTube and ending our fun with the Hitler “Downfall” parodies. It’s a sad day for humour. (Mashable)

NBA and NHL fans got some bad news this week. The NFL draft had more viewers than either league’s playoffs. The solution for the NHL is easy, though. (Sparty & Friends)

Though part of the NHL’s problem might be player image. It’s not that they’re toothless thugs. It’s that they’re hipsters. (Watch The Gap)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Back To Normal

G’day everyone! After a two month hiatus, I am back! I hope Steve didn’t scare anyone off while I was gone. Wait!!! Come back!!! Nooo!!! Dammit. Oh well, let’s kick off this Entertainment Link-Off with Kristin Kreuk. The former Smallville leading lady is now appearing on Chuck as a fellow Nerd Herder Hannah. Since she was recently cast in another Josh Schwartz pilot Hitched, don’t expect her to stick around Chuck for much longer. Let’s just enjoy her presence on the show while we can.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Teeing Off On Tiger… Again

Let’s kick off with every nerd’s favourite: Olivia Munn.

Let’s kick off with some Tiger Woods links. Now that his personal life is in ruins, Tiger’s made a few changes to his daily routine. (Washington Post)

It looks like things just got worse for Tiger. He’s been linked to a Canadian doctor who may be supplying athletes with performance enhancing drugs. (New York Times)

Sponsors are once again reconsidering their deals with Tiger but not because of the possibility Tiger used PEDs. It’s more about the doctor. (Sports Pickle)

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