Sunday Link-Off: Late to the Party

Sorry about the delay in getting you the Sunday links. Yesterday, we taped a podcast though so maybe that’ll make up for it. In the meantime, here’s Cintia Dicker to kick off the links.

Let’s lead off with our tribute to wrestling legend Randy “Macho Man” Savage. We’ve linked it before but it’s still the greatest Macho Man photoshops on the web. (Where’s Randy Savage)

Gus Johnson has officially left CBS to get some feature airtime with Fox Sports. Can’t blame him for wanting to get closer to the top. (New York Times)

The Atlanta Thrashers are officially unofficially moving to Winnipeg to become the Necro-Jets. [That team nickname is a trademark of Steve Murray… I came up with that name.] But the NHL has a few other relocation locations in mind. (Down Goes Brown)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Faking It

Glee was on last night according to Joe Buck. He didn’t mention that Lea Michele is one of the show’s few redeeming qualities.

Remember that Tiger Woods sex tape that no one believed was real? Turns out it’s not real. (Bob’s Blitz)

Suppose that fake Tiger Woods videos aren’t your thing. Maybe you’d rather watch this hilarious video of PGA golfer Ben Crane working out. (Sports By Brooks)

Fox Sports has done the world a favour by getting rid of their NASCAR theme. Unfortunately, they’ve also gotten rid of the baseball theme. (Fang’s Bites)

After the jump, the future of sports video games, the return of the GIF, and what Raps fans think of Hedo. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Slamming

Irina Shayk has nothing to do with the rest of this linkdump but I don’t think anyone will care.

To say this year’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest was boring is a wild and dangerous understatement. But don’t tell that to the celebs at courtside. (Gawker TV)

Score one for the internal combustion engine. Three electric zambonies at the Richmond Olympic Oval broke and/or screwed up the track. Never had that problem with the status quo. (Jalopnik)

Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger: Avid golfer and hilarious golfing buddy. (Wei Under Par)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Teeing Off On Tiger… Again

Let’s kick off with every nerd’s favourite: Olivia Munn.

Let’s kick off with some Tiger Woods links. Now that his personal life is in ruins, Tiger’s made a few changes to his daily routine. (Washington Post)

It looks like things just got worse for Tiger. He’s been linked to a Canadian doctor who may be supplying athletes with performance enhancing drugs. (New York Times)

Sponsors are once again reconsidering their deals with Tiger but not because of the possibility Tiger used PEDs. It’s more about the doctor. (Sports Pickle)

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Tiger Woods Link-Off

Over the last two weeks, the Tiger Woods saga has capitvated the entire world. It’s a story that started in the sports world with a little article in The National Enquirer and exploded when he crashed into a tree. So to celebrate all the great moments that came out of the crash, here’s a collection of the web’s greatest Tiger Woods stories from the last couple of weeks.

To kick things off, here’s Elin Nordegren.

Before we get into the links, it might help to know all the players. But with almost a dozen mistresses, you’d need a scorecard to keep track of everyone. Fortunately, I found one. (NY Daily News)

The only problem with that program of the players is that it doesn’t include the companionship that Tiger may have paid for. (New York Post)

Naturally, the mistresses are quite upset and quite sorry about the whole thing. (The Sun) Would they really go back and change things if they could? Not with the 15 minutes they’re getting.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Strange But True

katherine-heigl-gq2Katherine Heigl has a new movie coming out this weekend. She hopes that it does well because she’s managed to piss off Grey’s Anatomy writers. I can sleep soundly at night knowing both Grey’s and The Ugly Truth will flop.

The King is back to haunt our dreams. Burger King is sponsoring a Spanish soccer team and expect the King to make regular in-game appearances. (Deadspin)

I knew that you could drive a car without legs but I didn’t think it was possible to ride a motorcycle without arms. (Ananova)

Normally I wouldn’t complain about criminals getting locked up for a long time but this might be excessive. A man steals five CDs from Wal-Mart and gets life in prison. He still got off lighter than if he were to try to start a union in Wal-Mart. (Houston Chronicle)

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