Entertainment Link-Off: I <3 Science Fiction!

isabel lucas 2Steve did a great job covering for me yesterday by moving his Sunday Link-Off a day early. I was supposed to sit in front of my computer and type this up yesterday, but turns out that I am a social animal after all. In celebration of the release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, here is a picture of Isabel Lucas. Since Megan Fox tends to steal the spotlight everywhere, it’s be time to have the spotlight shifted to another sultry female cast member in the movie.

Speaking of the latest Transformers flick, don’t forget to check out my review here.

After the jump, mostly sci fi related news, why Heroes sucks and what is “Paul”?

Let’s start off with some TV news.

FOX’s defuct TV-pilot turned TV-movie “Virtuality” aired on Friday. While there was a small glimmer of hope that it can be turned into a series if enough eyeballs tuned in, it seems like that dream will remain a fantasy. (TV by the Numbers)

Despite being dumped on Saturdays, at least Harper’s Island is still getting 3.59 million viewers. Betcha the CW would kill to get these ratings. (TV by the Numbers) I must say, as the show has reached its climax, it’s getting good!

Supernatural has casted someone to play Lucifer! (E! Online) Too bad it’s not Ray Wise, I’m sure he can definitely make the show interesting. Plus, it would have added another 2 million viewers to Supernatural since Reaper fans will flock to it.

With the brilliant but cancelled Pushing Daisies off the air, Bryan Fuller returned to Heroes earlier this year in an attempt to turn the show around. Recently, he left the show (again) to pursue bigger and better things. That means the show is heading back to its downward spiral once again. Seems like politics and creative differences behind the scenes may explain why Heroes is such an epic failure. (Nick C Blog)

I love Glee. It is a great show… but what is it doing at Comic-Con? (Zap2it)

It seems like the world is in global mourning as the deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson swept the news on Thursday. While many people die on a daily basis, having these big names go really brings “death” into attention. It was a sad day in the entertainment business. In another blow to the biz, infomercial king Billy Mays passed away this morning. (EW) I will never look at those OxiClean commercials the same way ever again. RIP Farrah, MJ and Billy. You will be missed.

Speaking of MJ’s untimely death, the ripple effect is felt in the film biz as the MJ jokes are (temporarily?) cut out of the upcoming comedy Bruno. (Slashfilm)

On a less depressing note, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen had a big opening weekend. Really big opening. In fact, the 5 day cume is only $2 million off the record set by The Dark Knight. (Box Office Prophets)

Speaking of the latest Transformers flick, another fun interview segment with Megan Fox as she sings about Simon Pegg and talks about costume fitting for TF2. (Collider)

Simon Pegg is teaming up with Nick Frost for the upcoming comedy “Paul”. So the title doesn’t exactly seem all that appealing… just wait til you see the cast and crew behind this flick. It -will- be funny. (What is Paul?)

Sci-fi/horror film “Pandorum” starring Dennis Quaid, Ben Foster and Cam Gigandet has been pushed back for 2 weeks. Now it will be released on the same day as “Jennifer’s Body” starring Megan Fox. Oh no! Which movie should I watch that weekend?! (HorrorMovies.ca)

Your upcoming Oscar pool just got a bit harder. (Slashfilm)

Hollywood likes to tamper with their films to make them more dramatic, especially with those novel adaptations. It certainly didn’t surprise me when they decided to give the ending to My Sister’s Keeper a little tweak. If you don’t want to be spoiled… don’t click on the link. (Entertainment Weekly)

isabel lucas 1Since I featured Isabel Lucas at the beginning of this link-off, might as well throw in some other Isabel related news. She will be in the upcoming vampire flick “Daybreakers” and the trailer has finally been released! This actually looks good. It sure beats the other vampire crapfest that Hollywood is trying to shove down our throats known as the Twilight saga. (Yahoo Movies)

Another film that you should get excited for is James Cameron’s sci-fi epic “Avatar”. He released 24 minutes of footage in Amsterdam and it’s getting good buzz already. Did I mention that those 24 minutes are just from the first third of the film? (BBC)

If you want to know where Olivia Munn will be during Comic-Con, you better keep a note of these dates! (Olivia Munn)

Let’s end this entry with a funny moment at the Transformers premiere courtesy of Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira.

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