Weekend Link-Off: Happy Halloween

olivia-munn-halloween-2It’s time for a very spooky linkdump. Actually, my intro is as scary as it gets. Well, Olivia Munn is scary hot. That’s for sure.

With the Maple Leafs getting only 4 points out of a possible 22 from their first 11 games, it’s no wonder that Make Believes fans are bailing on their club. (LA Times)

Minor league hockey is getting into the Halloween spirit. An ECHL team is wearing special uniforms for Michael Jackson Appreciation Night. Yes, they’re wearing one white glove with the kit. (Icethetics)

I’d be willing to bet that there will be a lawsuit over ex-NBA ref Tim Donaghy’s new book. The NBA should be running scared of some of the accusations in there. (Deadspin)

After the jump, the future of email, geeky ways to celebrate Halloween, and the best costume you’ll see all day.

Also in refereeing news, remind me to never go to Rochester. (WHAM)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are so bad… [HOW BAD ARE THEY?] They’re so bad that even a UFL team thinks they can beat the Bucs. (St. Pete Times)

The future of video games and live sports TV might be the same thing. Still, it seems pretty far fetched to think it might actually work. (BBC)

Speaking of future technologies, here’s a look behind the scenes of Google Wave and the brothers behind it. (CNN)

I’m against spam as much as the next guy but issuing a $700M+ fine over it borders on the clinically insane. (CBC)

I was about set to declare newspapers dead yesterday but it looks like that would be too soon a declaration. (Slate)

Today’s photo gallery is a look at five of the geekiest ways that people mark Halloween. (Daily Telegraph)

The second photo gallery is 20 of the best pumpkins carved to look like movie villains. (Screen Junkies)

We’ve also got a video gallery today. The Telegraph looks at 10 of the greatest baseball catches of all-time. There’s a cricket catch thrown in for good measure. (Daily Telegraph)

Something else scary: This week’s episode of the radio show. Beatles and zombies and coppers. Scary fun for the whole family. (Lowdown Radio)

I don’t think you’ll see a costume at your front door that’s as creative as this.

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