Wednesday Link-Off: Teeing Off On Tiger… Again

Let’s kick off with every nerd’s favourite: Olivia Munn.

Let’s kick off with some Tiger Woods links. Now that his personal life is in ruins, Tiger’s made a few changes to his daily routine. (Washington Post)

It looks like things just got worse for Tiger. He’s been linked to a Canadian doctor who may be supplying athletes with performance enhancing drugs. (New York Times)

Sponsors are once again reconsidering their deals with Tiger but not because of the possibility Tiger used PEDs. It’s more about the doctor. (Sports Pickle)

After the jump, the NHL tries to learn from Tiger, Christmas links, and a video.

In an attempt to get hockey on the map (and still deluded into thinking Sidney Crosby is marketable), Gary Bettman’s trying to ride Tiger’s coattails to notoriety. (Sports Pickle)

There is a simpler way to tell if a hockey player has countless mistresses. Down Goes Brown has figured out the tell-tale signs. (Down Goes Brown)

Gary Bettman was also able to make the list of the 50 most influential people in sports. (Sports Business Journal) How Gary was listed ahead of the bosses of NASCAR and the PGA we’ll never know.

Since the Heisman Trophy was awarded last weekend, it bears asking how the hell did Mike Faulds not with Canada’s Hec Crighton award? (CIS Blog)

On the opposite end of the spectrum from great players is this list of the Top 10 sports bloopers of the decade. (Randall Simon’s Sausages)

There are just some articles that come out far too late to help you. For example, this post with five reasons to delay your entry into the working world can’t help me now. (Lion’s Den U)

Christmas is next week in case you haven’t started your shopping… Like me. If you happen to be out of the country, here’s some international Christmas primers to keep you out of trouble. (Daily Telegraph)

I’ve already done the office Christmas party (and am trying to buy back the embarrassing photos from it) but it looks like its going the way of the dodo. (BBC)

As someone who wants to be a radio lifer, I can sympathise with this plight. I mean with the kid who’s getting hosed by corporate fat cats and government tools, not the radio stations who can’t out program a 14-year-old. (CBC)

Today’s photo gallery is a collection of 25 great sports moments in Simpsons history. (Total Pro Sports)

It’s not as good as that house that started the whole sync your Christmas lights to music some four years ago but it’s reasonably impressive just the same.

At first, I thought it was a good thing that the human jinx that is Marian Hossa was leaving Detroit. After that goal, I’m not so sure anymore.

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