Wednesday Link-Off: Fall of the Dongslinger

It may be cold outside but Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge should warm up the freezing Canadian winter.

Here’s the sports media coup of the year. Fox leaves the cameras on overnight and catches the Metrodome roof collapse. Here’s the story behind the video. (USA Today)

Speaking of Favre related things, even though his streak ended, that isn’t the big Dongslinger story of the week. He could be facing a lawsuit from Jenn Sterger. (Pro Football Talk)

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Christmas tree salesman in New York City? Probably not but this story of a tree-selling family is still a good read. (Los Angeles Times)

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Wednesday Link-Off: From Russia With Love

Here’s Russian not-so-super spy Anna Chapman. She’s looks like she’s straight from a Bond film.

Brock Lesnar lost the heavyweight title at UFC 3047 or something like that. But that wasn’t the big news. It looks like we’re coming close to Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker in a ring or octagon soon. (The Big Lead)

Now time for Dongslinger-ness. Favre has admitted to leaving the voicemails for Sterger but not sending the pics. There’s one problem with his stories… (Deadspin)

And in other athlete love stories (kinda), here’s GQ’s profile of Alex Ovechkin which includes Ovi and the intrepid writer hitting a club. (GQ)

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Sunday Link-Off: Wrath of the Dongslinger

Kicking off her first linkdump is Avril Lavigne. On behalf of Canada, I’m sorry for her music.

Now that the shock factor has worn off about Brett Favre’s dong pics, we have to wonder what the long-term impact of this story will be on journalism. (Sports Journalism)

Over the short-term, sports writers are ganging up on Favre and saying he should hang up his cleats and call it a career. That’s really just the status quo for sports columnists. (Slate)

And tangentially related to Favre, here’s a look behind the scenes of this week’s edition of Monday Night Football. (Star-Ledger)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Big Payday

Here’s Minka Kelly who was just names Sexiest Woman Alive (or something like that).

The infamous Cigar Guy’s identity has been revealed. He’s not a cigar smoking, turban wearing golf fan but an investment analyst. (Sports By Brooks)

We heard that Deadspin spent more money than ever before on the Brett Favre dongslinger pics. One blogger’s sources say that the pics cost $75,000. (Terez Owens)

And on that note, hear’s a long look inside the Gawker Media empire and at its chief Nick Denton. (New Yorker)

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Sunday Link-Off: The Gossip Guys

Here’s Olivia Munn to remind you that G4 isn’t all for the nerds.

Let’s take a break from Favre for a moment. Hear about that Tiger Woods sex tape with Devon James? Well, smart money says that it’s a fake. (Sports By Brooks)

And back to Brett. Deadspin’s latest Favre story can be summarized with: But wait! There’s more! More Jets employees say the old dongslinger wanted a piece of them. (Deadspin)

And tangentially related to the above, the president of  Bolivia isn’t the cleanest soccer player in the world. While the ref wasn’t looking, he kneed an opponent in the groin. (Out of Bounds)

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Brett Favre Link-Off: Favre-mageddon

Not surprisingly, to kick off the second Favre-dump, here’s Jenn Sterger.

In case you needed a reminder of the back story of the whole Favre/Sterger/Favre Dong saga, here was the original story heard around the world from two months ago. (Deadspin)

And here are the pictures of Favre dong that has started Favre-mageddon. Naturally, this is NSFW because of the photos of Favre’s little gunsligner at the end of the video. (Deadspin)

Surprisingly, the media did actually ask Favre about the pictures this time. Little did he know about the double entendre he made at his own expense. (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

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