Sunday Link-Off: Full Speed Ahead

Let’s start off with Olivia Munn who has a new sitcom on NBC this fall. More on that in our next Lowdown BlogCast.

The 2010-11 NFL season kicks off on Thursday. So have you ever wondered how your favourite team got its nickname. Here’s the story behind all 32 teams. (Mental Floss)

With the NFL season comes another interesting point. Sports today just don’t seem as good as they were when I was growing up. And here are five reasons that they won’t be as good for my (eventual) kids. (Smoking Section)

Top Gear USA is coming very soon to the History Channel. The latest released clip looks more promising than the last. (Jalopnik) Maybe that CBC Radio show I was listening to should have watched this clip too (or maybe an episode) before writing the show off as a definite failure.

After the jump, the KHL’s best goalie masks, The Situation’s ridiculous salary, and Bollywood’s greatest action scene ever.

Keeping with cars, here’s a look back at some of the greatest cheaters in NASCAR history. Yes, Smokey Yunick is on that list. (Popular Mechanics)

And speaking of NASCAR, here’s a look at why Danica Patrick is “struggling” so much this season. There’s so much that TV and the rest of the media isn’t telling you. (Jalopnik)

Maybe let’s shift gears to something more happy. How about the best goalie mask in the KHL? (Puck Daddy) Those guys are slowly catching up to the NHL. I think…

On Wednesday, I gave you Deadspin’s first two nominees for their Hall of Fame. The final three HoF nominees are: Nightmare Ant, Jason Whitlock and Jay Mariotti.

Professor Stephen Hawking isn’t doing much to endear himself to right-wing lunatics. He says God didn’t create the universe. He’s right so I’d expect a lot of backlash. (The Independent)

Speaking of universe and space type things, here’s a video montage showing the evolution of the warp jump in Star Trek movies. (Gizmodo)

Labour Day weekend, at least in Canada, is largely a holiday so people can drink lots of beer and have lots of time to recover. So here are the ten best cities in the world for beer drinkers. (Sherman’s Travel)

When I did my famous (or is it infamous) Homecoming tailgate feature back in 2008, I met all sorts of folks. But here’s the 14 types of folks that you will always find at a college tailgate. (The Toilet Paper)

Did you know that WWE’s Monday Night Raw just celebrated its 900th episode? To celebrate, here are nine moments where Raw collided with the mainstream. (Asylum)

In a sign of the sad state of North America, here are 11 people who are somehow paid less than that Situation guy from Jersey Shore. (Buzz Feed

Best Bollywood action sequence ever? You better believe it.

Those crazy Icelandic soccer players are up to it again. Their latest celebration has been dubbed “The Human Toilet.”

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