Entertainment Link-Off: Driven

olivia wilde allureAfter several rotten weeks we get some fresh flicks at the theatres this weekend. You can catch the cat and mouse thriller in the film Prisoners starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. If you prefer something that features a bit of fast car action with some drama involved, then there’s Rush, based on the true story of James Hunt. That film features Chris Hemsworth, but you can also catch Olivia Wilde in the film as well.

After the jump, big sales for GTA V, looking forward to HIMYM season 9, the Terminator might be tackling Avatar, Sam Jackson is a great role model, and watch the next animated film pitch at Disney HQ. 

Lots of relationships will be ruined thanks to the release of Grand Theft Auto V. But hey, the sales for the video game is going through the roof as guys are flocking to their consoles and TV screens. (Entertainment Weekly)

For non-comic book readers, are you curious about who the big baddie in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron is? Well here’s a 4 minute video that would give you an idea who he might be… and of course, spoilers beware. (IGN)

Looks like the days of the Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer partnership is coming to an end as the producer has failed to create money making hits lately. (Variety)

After all these years, Stephen King still doesn’t like Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of his novel The Shining. (The Playlist)

The season premiere of How I Met Your Mother is approaching soon and here’s a quick look at what happened and what the folks at IGN hope to expect in the upcoming episodes. (IGN)

Jeff Bridges spoke out about what he really thought about R.I.P.D., which happens to be one of the biggest flops this summer. (GQ)

Director Marc Forster talks about the alternate ending to World War Z that you won’t get to see. (Movies.com)

Rumours are rumbling regarding Ah-nold teaming up with James Cameron again. This time he might be the big baddie in Avatar 2. (Slashfilm)

Apparently Thor: The Dark World needed some retooling done and Joss Whedon was called in to save the day. (Comic Book Movie)

Red band trailer for Machete 2 shows us more ridiculous action sequences, more classic but silly weapons and of course more gorgeous ladies. (IGN)

Fans of Tokyo Drift might be happy to hear this. Lucas Black has signed on to return for not only Fast and Furious 7, but also for 8 and 9! It is all coming full circle. No word about the return of Lil Bow Wow though. (Deadline)

Well why not? Rotten Tomatoes is launching a TV zone! That’s right, it won’t be focusing on feature films only anymore. Now I wonder how the Tomatometer is going to work though. Look at Heroes for example. It started good and then it came crashing down in subsequent seasons… (Slashfilm)

Cable TV is on the decline and apparently you can blame college students for that. (Slate)

Samuel L. Jackson is such a great motherf******* role model. Apparently whatever bad happens in life is his fault though. (Funny or Die)

Mark Wahlberg is finally a high school graduate! I always applaud those who return to school to complete something they have started, no matter how long ago it may be. (Huffington Post)

For those awaiting the series finale of Dexter, check out the video below for a 4 minute recap of what has happened over the past 8 seasons.

Gotta love these honest trailers. This time it tackles World War Z.

A fun video showing how groupthink in Hollywood has led to the recycling of plots in feature films. For those who have seen Cars and the recently released Planes, how about the next “follow-up” called… wait for it… Boats!?

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