Sunday Link-Off: Happy Easter

It’s Easter Sunday. Since it’s been a while since we’ve featured her and since she’s been in Playboy, here’s Olivia Munn.

Just in time for Easter, ESPN has a list of each country’s highest paid athlete. Surprisingly, Canada’s highest paid athlete isn’t a hockey player. (ESPN)

Not among those high paid athletes are relief pitchers for the Clearwater Threshers who resort to fundraising while in the bullpen to make some extra coin. (The XLog)

And with the wedding of the century this coming Friday, here’s Gourmet Spud’s look at Jay-Z’s wedding vows… Yeah, even I’ll admit that segue both sucked and blew. Just hit the damn link. (Food Court Lunch)

After the jump, the NHL’s best goal horns, how happy the world is and how to destroy Easter eggs.

At first glance, this Brewers fan’s sign for Ryan Braun is fairly status quo. That is until you at what she wrote in the top-right corner. (Midwest Sports Fans)

Ever wonder what the NHL’s best goal horn was (or just wanted to hear all the league’s goal horns)? Well wonder no more. (The Awl)

Or if you prefer your NHL sounds to be from a commentator, how about you take a listen to the 13 best Jack Edwards calls. (Awful Announcing)

To men, the Lingerie Football League is a very glamorous professional sports league. To the women of the LFL, things aren’t so great. (Off The Bench)

Slightly farther up the glamour scale is international club football. Here’s Forbes’ list of the most valuable soccer franchises in the world. (Forbes)

Charlie Sheen was running late for his recent Washington stop on the Violent Torpedo of Truth tour so he got a police escort to the venue. Turns out that the escort might have been slightly illegal. (Jalopnik)

Ever wonder who the happiest nation in the world is? Well, there’s a poll/study that will answer that question for you. (Gallup) Having looked at their metrics, I definitely am not helping Canada’s numbers. Not thriving or, as Chaz Sheen would put it, winning.

It’s comic time. Here’s a look at how you fix your Windows/Mac/Linux computer. (Gizmodo)

In something that’s almost like a comic, it’s Star Wars stuff photoshopped into real photos. (Unreality)

And a list to close out before the YouTuberry. It’s the 12 greatest TV bromances ever. (Guyism)

Just in time for Easter, some boffins show you scientific ways to destroy Easter Eggs.

And on a completely unrelated note, here’s Blake Griffin destroying some rims… All 214 times he did it this season.

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