Rise of the Machines (Infographic)

Back in the day, the idea of robots and automated machinery taking jobs from blue-collar workers was a major political issue. Where does the advancement of technology become so great that it impacts workers and the economy? Then you go all the way to Star Trek where physical labour is basically beneath the Federation. We’re getting closer to that than we are to eliminating technology.

So what jobs will AI eventually replace and what type of work is AI best and worst positioned to take over? We have a handy infographic for your perusal on just that subject.

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How to be a Google Pro (Infographic)

I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions but if I was to pick a specific point in time to say that I must endeavor to improve myself, I suppose that it would be when I change the calendar. One thing I do know about self-improvement is that my best friend is always going to be Google. If I’m ever going to get better at anything, the answers will be a quick Google away. That’s why I want to get better at Google. It’s the perfect plan.

To help us all get better at using Google, we have this handy little infographic for you.

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Sunday Link-Off: When the Wallet Breaks

pia-wurtzbach-01The timing of holidays can really mess you up if you aren’t keeping on top of your calendar. For example, it wasn’t until late last night that I realized that yesterday was Saturday. All I knew about yesterday was that I had some shopping that needed to be done since the best deals of the year were on Boxing Day. I bought more than I wanted to, saved more than I care to admit and still didn’t buy much in the way of impulse buy items (I really want one of those colour changing party speakers but can’t justify the price). I don’t think anyone is looking forward to their credit card bills in January.

Anyway, since it’s apparently Sunday, we have to do the links and hopefully make me a penny or two towards my Christmas bills. Let’s kick things off with Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach.

Ted Cruz was right about something. The more ex-felons are Democrats than Republicans. The problem is that’s not what he said. To say that most violent criminals are Democrats isn’t exactly true nor does it deviate from the general population. (Washington Post)

Anonymous’ cyberwar on ISIS has now turned the focus to its allies. They recently took down the internet in Turkey for their support of ISIS. (The Hill)

Internet freedom in America is dying. This isn’t just about CISA being included in the recently passed omnibus budget. (Motherboard)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Insane in the Brain

allison-williams-harpersbazaar15-01Happy Wednesday, interwebs. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m having one of those weeks were happiness is but a fleeting moment. Just when I think I can be content, BAM, something hits me and tries to convince me otherwise. Monday started terribly and snowballed. Tuesday went well until the end when one unhappy interaction put a pall on my afternoon and evening. Let’s see how today goes though I hope yours is better than my week.

Anyway, enough deep-rooted self-loathing. We’re here on Wednesdays to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Allison Williams.

A new study suggests that extensive media coverage of mass shootings causes more mass shootings. (CNN)

Ben Carson might be one of two Republican frontrunners but for every bit as good as he is at medicine, he’s bad at economics. (Fortune)

And then there are the views held by his church. His denomination believes that the US government will bring about the Antichrist or some such like that. Does it still happen if Carson is President? (The Daily Beast)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Budget Blues

renee-young-wwe15-01You know that you’re gearing up to an election when everyone is talking about the federal budget. I haven’t really gotten into the nitty-gritty of the budget yet but some of what I’ve read about how it’s been put together kind of scares me. That Vice article downright terrifies me.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for us to do the links. Since we’re talking a lot about the Canadian budget, let’s kick things off with Renee Young.

Yesterday was federal budget day in Canada. It’s 500+ pages of campaigning for the Conservative government. (MacLean’s)

By the way, the budget is balanced. That’s thanks to taking money from the Government’s reserve funds which leaves the country in vulnerable financial shape should the economy get worse. (Vice)

Speaking of upcoming elections, rather than deal with a minority government, Canadians want a coalition government. Bad news for the Conservatives? (Toronto Star)

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Wednesday Link-Off: A Happening

erin-heatherton-oceandrive14-01It’s a slightly abbreviated edition of the Wednesday links today. Today’s linkdump is basically about one thing. Whether you call it CelebGate or The Fappening or the biggest leak of celebrity nude pictures in the history of the internet, it’s been dominating the news and we have a fairly in-depth set of links about the story. No, there aren’t any links to the pictures but I’m sure that you don’t need help finding them.

Anyway, let’s get to the links with someone not in the scandal. Here’s Erin Heatherton.

While the original story is that The Fappening was a massive iCloud hack, that may not be true. The latest story is that this was a leak from an underground celebrity nude pic trading ring. The funny thing is that’s somehow more plausible than a massive hack of iCloud. (Gawker)

Even though The Fappening caught everyone off guard, warning signs were out there for weeks. Deadspin was approached by someone who had been offered Jennifer Lawrence nude pictures in an exchange. (Deadspin)

Members of Reddit’s CelebGate subreddit, /r/TheFappening, raised money for cancer research because it was supposedly a supported charity of Jennifer Lawrence. Instead, the Prostate Cancer Foundation gave back over $6,000 of donations because of who it came from. According to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, these guys are actually worse than cancer. (Mashable)

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Canadian Invents $100 3D Printer

peachy-printerA new crowdfunded project by a Canadian inventor is bringing affordable 3D printers to the masses. Saskatchewan native Rylan Grayston has created a 3D printer and scanner that will sell for only $100.

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Who Can You Trust with Your Data? (Infographic)

With everyone very concerned about which governmental agencies can access your data, which companies are giving away or selling your data to others and general privacy concerns, having a presence on the internet might end up being more trouble than its worth.

So what data can people get access to and how can you protect yourself? We have this handy infographic to help you out.

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Where Will the Internet Grow in the Future? (Infographic)

Since 2006, the number of internet users worldwide has doubled to about 2.4 billion people online. That’s over one-third of the global population connected to the internet and there’s still room to grow.

So where will the next group of internet users come from and how quickly are they expected to go online? We have a handy infographic about the future of the internet.

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Sunday Link-Off: Wrestling with Technology

rachelle-goulding-lavieenrose13-03Well, another year of E3 has come and gone and now I have to put together a week’s worth of blog posts without all the great content that E3 affords. If you were following E3 over at et geekera, we had 17 posts with E3 news and analysis and a total a record-high 27 posts on the blog last week. I think we’ll have at least one game review this week and a second one if I have time, along with a recap of this week’s IndyCar race and news.

But first, let’s start today’s set of links with Canadian model Rachelle Goulding.

If you’re a high school football player that rapes a girl, you get one year in prison. Uncover evidence of rape through hacking? You get a nasty visit from the FBI and face up to 25 years in prison. (The Plain Dealer)

Speaking of data hacking, the US government has taken it upon themselves to avail themselves of your info. You should be concerned. (The Guardian)

Intel is trying to make the next-generation of internet TV but cable companies would rather that Intel didn’t try something new. (The New York Times)

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