Wednesday Link-Off: Not Quite Right

olivia-munn-playboy-8bHere’s Olivia Munn whose Playboy shoot has nearly caused the internet to explode. That likely wasn’t the only thing…

The Bolivians and Dutch have to brush up on their journalistic skills. They ran footage of “Lost” believing it was from the Air France crash. (Gawker)

I mentioned the fake umpires turning up at Jays’ games on my Twitter. Turns out that they’re getting notice league-wide. (Fanhouse)

Some people just don’t get Twitter. Maybe if you aren’t going to put the time into researching it, then you shouldn’t write the column. (Providence Journal)

After the jump, more on the F1 crisis, a quick look at NHL 10, and the hottest video on the internet.

The FBI will not examine Giants Stadium for the remains of Jimmy Hoffa. I guess the only way the FBI stays relevant is if they don’t actually solve the big crimes. (Deadspin)

This won’t come as a surprise but I’m a fan of classic wrestling. So that’s why I love this quiz by Mental Floss on the failed gimmicks of guys that became big stars. (Mental Floss)

A lawyer examines the FIA-FOTA split in Formula One. (F1 Fanatic)

The British government has decided that it needs to get involved in teaching spelling. Now, if only they could figure out that whole MPs charging ridiculous expenditures scandal. (BBC)

A preview of the new features included in NHL 10. If only these updates would show up on the PC version of the game… (The Pad Stack)

Lucas Glover may have won the US Open but I don’t think NBC was terribly happy with the outcome. (New York Times)

Speaking of baseball, Sammy Sosa, who was on the juice, wasn’t content with boosting how far he hit a baseball. He also had his jerseys tailored to make his arms look big. (CNBC)

When you’re locked up in a space station for months at a time, you don’t have much to do. For example, they recently got bored and took pictures of the Northern Lights from space. (Daily Telegraph)

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