Sunday Link-Off: The Gossip Guys

Here’s Olivia Munn to remind you that G4 isn’t all for the nerds.

Let’s take a break from Favre for a moment. Hear about that Tiger Woods sex tape with Devon James? Well, smart money says that it’s a fake. (Sports By Brooks)

And back to Brett. Deadspin’s latest Favre story can be summarized with: But wait! There’s more! More Jets employees say the old dongslinger wanted a piece of them. (Deadspin)

And tangentially related to the above, the president of  Bolivia isn’t the cleanest soccer player in the world. While the ref wasn’t looking, he kneed an opponent in the groin. (Out of Bounds)

After the jump, the start of the new NHL season, more Cigar Guy and the return of Taiwanese animated news.

The baseball playoffs are underway. Suppose you have a choice on Sunday between watching football and baseball. What do you watch if you want to watch more game action? The answer may surprise you. (Wall Street Journal)

And one writer likes the Phillies to win it all this year. His reasoning: A close encounter with Jim Fregosi’s old dongslinger. (Esquire)

Hockey’s back underway for another season. We’ve already had the unexpected happen before the first weekend is done. Pavel Datsyuk, multi-time Lady Byng winner, just got a Gordie Howe hat trick. (Pro Hockey Talk)

If you are looking for a way to figure out how your team will do this season, try this quiz. (Down Goes Brown)

I mentioned the other day that the league is close to a new TV deal which should be lucrative because of growth since the lockout. Well, TV numbers aren’t the only thing that’s grown since the league took a year off. Ten teams have seen big gains in attendance. (Business Insider)

SI boxing writer Chris Mannix is going out on a limb by saying that Wladimir Klitschko was the most dominant fighter of his generation. The only person that might agree is Hayden Pannetiere. (Queensberry Rules)

Erin Andrews is starting to get new TV opportunities thanks to her Strictly Come Sequins appearance. She’s now hosting a tailgate cookoff show on TLC… It doesn’t go well. (Sportress of Blogitude)

Remember that fake Togo national soccer team that played Bahrain a while back. Well, here’s the whole story behind the saga. (Slate)

The new NBA Jam came out for the Wii last week. (You’ll have to wait for it to come out on PS3 and 360.) Not everyone is liking it, though. Fox News thinks it’s pro-Democrat because Obama is a better baller than all the other politicians. (Kotaku)

Yesterday, Jackie mentioned that the NHL was going to be comic book-ized by Stan Lee. Well, Danica Patrick is also getting the comic book treatment. Based on the cover, they aren’t trying to market this just to kids. (South Florida Sun Sentinel)

Let’s close out with a couple of galleries for the first time in a bit. First, it’s a video gallery of the 20 most over the top celebrations in sports. (Total Pro Sports)

And it’s a gallery of the best Cigar Guy photoshops. The legend still grows. (Deadspin)

The Taiwanese CGI news folks are back at it. This time, they’ve got a video about California’s proposition to legalize possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

And here’s a song about Star Wars given the construction paper animation treatment.

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