Santa With Muscles

It’s sort of a Christmas tradition at The Lowdown to feature terrible Christmas movies on Christmas Day. I think this year’s might not just be one of the worst Christmas movies of all-time but one of the worst movies period of all-time.

At one point in time, Hulk Hogan wanted to be a big movie star. The Hollywood moniker he used as a heel wasn’t too far off the mark. While the Hulkster would pave the way for The Rock to become Hollywood’s biggest draw, Hogan’s career film never escaped kid’s movies and basically died in 1996  when he made the children’s Christmas disaster known as Santa with Muscles.

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Happy Life Day!

We have a little tradition on The Lowdown Blog. Every Christmas we show a Christmas movie on the blog. Everyone has the day off so we’re going to relax too.

One of the great debates at Christmas is how bad A Christmas Story is. It’s not helped by the 24-hour marathons on TBS. But we’re not going to show A Christmas Story today. We’ve got something worse. It’s time for the Star Wars Holiday Special. As bad as A Christmas Story is, it’s shown on TV every year. The Star Wars Holiday Special isn’t.

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Christmas Fails of the Week

Every so often, we take a look at the most epic fails from the week that was. Since Christmas is in a couple of days, I thought that it would be appropriate to drop the usual fails and go with a special Christmas Fails of the Week. This week, we have five pictures and videos that we think are the most epic Christmas fails of the week.

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Man Lab: Ten Manliest Cocktails 2014

From talking to people around town, I’m probably a week late with this year’s cocktail power rankings. So if your first Christmas / “holiday” party was last weekend, hopefully you just referred to last year’s list. The classics don’t really go out of style. It’s just that some are more in vogue in a given year.

But here we are again. It’s always such a pleasure. Remember when you’re at a formal function to not crack open that bottle of Coors Light. It doesn’t look good when you’re in that suit and there’s an unfortunate stigma about a man drinking a generic glass of wine. That’s why we’re here to help you get out of your comfort zone and give you some drink ideas for your next unnecessarily formal function.

As we do every year, here is our list of the top ten manliest drinks that aren’t beer or wine that you get away with drinking at a formal function.

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Santa’s Slay

Ever year on Christmas, we have a special Christmas video on the blog. Today is no exception.

On yesterday’s podcast, we mentioned the black comedy Christmas movie that I thought was so bad that it was good. Even though Jackie disagreed, I decided to share it with you guys today. Merry Christmas from Goldberg-claus.

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The Lowdown BlogCast: December 24, 2013

It’s only been 18 months since the last episode of the podcast but the boys are back for the annual Lowdown Podcast Christmas Special.

On tonight’s return episode, the boys talk about embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford and the crack video scandal. They move on to entertainment in which they break down the best and worst new shows of the current TV season. For the first time in a Christmas special, the boys talk about their favourite Christmas movies and debate which Christmas movies are so bad that they’re actually good. And the show wraps up with a discussion of the upcoming NHL Stadium Series and some recent NHL suspensions.

It may have been almost 18 months since the last Lowdown podcast but the boys are back in vintage form with a two-hour cast for you.

A quick note before you listen: Due to a software glitch, the guys are out of sync. Therefore, rather than one of them talking and the other answer, it’s recorded as the two often talking over each other. We apologize for the issue but it’s either live with it or scrap the whole thing and forego the podcast.

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Captain Picard Sings Let it Snow

Since we’re less than three weeks from Christmas, I thought it was time to get into the spirit of the season. I’ve turned the fake snow on (though you’re probably seeing more than enough outside) and I have a Star Trek: The Next Generation Christmas carol for you. A Christmas classic sung by Patrick Stewart? Make it so!

Man Lab: Ten Manliest Cocktails 2013

Don’t look now but snow is starting to stay and that means that office Christmas parties (or holiday parties for the overly politically correct) are soon to be underway. And since it’s still slightly frowned upon to down beer after beer at suit-and-tie social functions like your Christmas party, we’re here again to help non-cocktail drinkers choose fancy drinks for their parties.

As we do every year, here is our list of the top ten manliest drinks that aren’t beer or wine that you get away with drinking at a formal function.

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Spend Your Christmas Dreaming of Epic Meals

Merry Christmas readers! I don’t know about the rest of you but the highlight of my Christmas is the big meal at the end of the day. What can I say? I’m a big fan of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, so on and so forth. So to get you in the mood for a big Christmas feast, here’s a collection of Epic Meal Time’s famous holiday feasts. Continue reading

Man Lab: Ten Manliest Cocktails 2012

It’s time for Christmas parties around the world. One thing is consistent among all parties: Everyone but the DD and the wait staff is drunk. However, it’s not exactly in fashion to down beer after beer. Unfortunately, beer is the staple of male alcoholic beverage consumption.

So it’s back to our Man Lab to help you figure out what you should drink at your fancy Christmas functions. As we do every year, here is our list of the top ten manliest drinks that aren’t beer or wine that you get away with drinking at a formal function. Continue reading