Entertainment Link-Off: Guns Blazin’

ana de armasThe ELO is a bit late this weekend once again but the unpredictable schedule continues over here in the Aussie HQ. Anyway, the weekly links are here, so let’s get started with Ana de Armas. You can catch her in the flick War Dogs, which is out this weekend. 

After the jump find out what it’s like to work with Martin Scorsese, Avengers 4 will have a new title, there is a small hiccup for MI:6, the Chinese don’t like Rogue One, and take a time warp back to the 2000s with the honest trailer for Gladiator! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Slice and Dice

karen fukuhara suicide squad premiereWelcome to another edition of the ELO. It has been crazy busy over here, so expect some delays with the usual ELO posts for the next little while. Anyway, Suicide Squad opens this weekend and it is set to make some box office records in August. I managed to catch the film earlier. It’s not a great film and the editing is very choppy but at least the final product is an enjoyable ride. Oh and you can catch new breakout star Karen Fukuhara in the film. 

After the jump, a tiny bit more Suicide Squad news, no Fresh Prince reboots in the works, leave Terminator alone, whitewashing the Great Wall and let’s have a look at Zack Snyder’s other polarizing superhero movie. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: To the Unknown

sofia boutellaIt’s Comic-Con weekend, so there would be plenty of new reveals taking place, even after the ELO gets posted. However, if you’re not lucky enough to attend, perhaps you can venture to the cinemas to catch the latest Star Trek Beyond. Reviews have been kind so far and you can catch Sofia Boutella in the flick! Not that you would recognize her under all that make up in the movie though…

After the jump, Brad Bird does not like video games, a Pokemon movie could be on its way, Divergent series is headed to your TV screens instead, a few new Marvel/Netflix teasers to check out, and the latest Honest Trailer tackles Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off

maika monroeWow, those five weeks have passed by rather quickly. Well I’m officially back with your weekly set of entertainment links. I’m sure Steve is extremely relieved that he doesn’t have to cover for me now. Anyway, there’s a lot of summer flicks out there right now but it appears that most of them aren’t leaving a lasting impression.The new release this weekend is the Ghostbusters reboot. While it’s not a terrible movie and it might not be deserving of all the thumbs down on Youtube, let’s just say it doesn’t quite hit the high notes as it anticipates to.

Gonna kick off the link off with Maika Monroe. She’s keeping a busy schedule ahead but you can catch her in Independence Day: Resurgence. 

After the jump, comparing reboots to the original franchises, Suicide Squad is looking to roll in the cash, Mortal Kombat movie ain’t dead yet, breaking down the new Rogue One clip and listen to Samuel L Jackson recap Game of Thrones. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Taking A Break

sarah hylandSo this will be my last ELO for a little while. I’ll be taking a 5 week hiatus. Perhaps Steve will take over the link-off duties or something else might pop up in its place for the time being. Be on the lookout for my return in mid-July though! Anyway, let’s carry on with our weekly set of links. Kicking things off this week is Sarah Hyland. I think I was just reminded of what I’m missing out on for not watching the comedy Modern Family on a regular basis nowadays…

After the jump, Aquaman won’t be as dark as Batman v Superman, Pitch Perfect 3 has been delayed, some details on Rogue One reshoots, prepared for a shortened Game of Thrones season 7 and Wong Fu Productions examines what it’s like to be the DUFF. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Only the Strong Will Survive

lana-condor-x-men-apocalypse-premiereFor the folks in North America, you can finally check out the new X-Men flick. Don’t go in with high expectations and you’ll come out of it relatively satisfied. Anyway, I’m gonna kick this off with Lana Condor, who plays Jubilee in the film. After so many flicks in the series, the character has yet to make a big splash on the big screen. Hopefully we’ll see more of her in the next flick. If the cartoon made it happen, so can the movies!

After the jump, Lionsgate wants more Power Rangers, whitewashing damage control for Ghost in the Shell, Warcraft might be still be a crummy video game movie adaptation, more new movie trailers to see, imagine if Martin Lawrence joined the cast of Game of Thrones and finally the Honest Trailer for X-Men, the animated series.  Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Age of Apocalypse

katrina bowdenPrior to posting the ELO, I managed to catch X-Men Apocalypse. I gotta say, it doesn’t quite deserve all the knocks against it. The film is definitely not the best of the new trilogy but it’s far from being a disaster like The Last Stand. The CG seemed a bit wonky at certain parts but the performances were fine and the comedic beats still hit on the right notes. Anyway, that’s enough about the latest X-Men flick, it’s time to get on with the links. Gonna kick things off with Katrina Bowden just because she looks mighty fine in her latest shoot.

After the jump, Justin Lin may return to Fast & Furious, Daniel Craig definitely doesn’t want to be Bond again, all movie trailers look the same, Margot Robbie channels her inner American Psycho and Wreck It Ralph has plenty of mind-scratching questions for us all.  Continue reading