Entertainment Link-Off: Aftermath

olivia-munn-esquire13-01Don’t adjust the dial. I’ve drawn in for Jackie this week. Normal service will resume next week. My problem is that Jackie has this uncanny ability to off-load the ELO to me when the weekend movie releases are terrible. This week, we have the Smith family sci-fi movie After Earth and the magic crime movie Now You See Me. Well, at least the latter looks like it could be fun. After Earth looks shit. Catch up on old movies or save up for Man of Steel and read a book this weekend.

Rather than promote anything out this week, let’s start off with Olivia Munn. The Newsroom is back soon and you really should watch it. As much as some people hate it, I’ve seen a real change in the importance of fact checking and how news is reported since the show started airing.

Surprisingly, one of the biggest pop culture news stories this week has been Patrick Stewart’s history with pizza. (New York Magazine)

If you’re not into Captain Picard’s pizza history, he talks about his campaigning about violence against women. It’s really a great video linked here and you should watch. (Upworthy)

The other big story is Amanda Bynes’ breaking down and lashing out at anyone and everyone. (Associated Press)

Former child star Mara Wilson says that it is possible for child stars to turn out normal despite mounting evidence to the contrary. (Cracked)

Now that they’ve brought back Arrested Development, could Xena be the next show to be rescued by Netflix. (Warming Glow)

Arnie says that Terminator 5 is going to happen and he’ll be back. (Horror-Movies.ca)

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on this blog but on my other blog, I do mention my return to reading comic books. That’s why I found this list of bad comic book story telling habits interesting. (io9)

Ryan Lochte’s reality show is likely to be axed after its first season. What we’ve learned from the show is that Lochte might be the only person in the world who actually has a “For Rent” sign between his ears. (Vice)

Speaking of reality TV, the owners of Amy’s Baking Company are trying to parley their Kitchen Nightmares infamy into their own reality show. (Radar Online)

Before he was Inside the Actors’ Studio, James Lipton was a pimp. I’m not making that up. He actually was. (Pajiba)

Let’s do a gallery. Here’s a gallery of a life-sized Lego X-Wing fighter. If they do a Lego Star Wars movie like this, I’d be on board. (et geekera)

Oh, just one more gallery. It’s a gender-swapping fantasy casting of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. (Unreality)

Game of Thrones hits the homestretch for Season 3 tomorrow night. We’ve got tomorrow and next week’s episodes before the next 42 or so week break. That’s why I’m posting this parody opening created in StarCraft. Now, you might wonder what makes this so special but if you watch this and the real opening, a lot of time went into making this the most accurate GoT opening of the bunch.

And keeping with video games, here’s a long compilation of video games in movies.


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