Sunday Link-Off: Geeked

Because I link to a podcast with her in this edition of the SLO, here’s Olivia Munn. Jackie tells me I’m obligated to mention that she’s in Iron Man 2.

I have to lead with this. The biggest news of the last month (not just week) is that copyright claims are being fired off to YouTube and ending our fun with the Hitler “Downfall” parodies. It’s a sad day for humour. (Mashable)

NBA and NHL fans got some bad news this week. The NFL draft had more viewers than either league’s playoffs. The solution for the NHL is easy, though. (Sparty & Friends)

Though part of the NHL’s problem might be player image. It’s not that they’re toothless thugs. It’s that they’re hipsters. (Watch The Gap)

After the jump, the Sarah Silverman disaster, Leonard Nimoy beams back to Vulcan, and rain delay awesomeness.

Good news! There’s a new private label cheap beer at your neighbourhood 7-Eleven. Now if only Ontario would adopt more liberal laws about where beer could be sold and how much it can be sold for. (AP/Google)

So Tim Tebow got drafted in the first round after all. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. In this case, it’s on Commissioner Goodell’s cue card which can be yours for only $1 million. (The Beckett Blog)

I’m sure UFC president Dana White found this to be an interesting week. He’s probably answered more questions about that brawl at the end of the Strikeforce show on CBS than on his own promotion. (Yahoo Sports)

After scads of complaints about the ball at the last World Cup, Adidas has decided… To make it worse. Keepers think this year’s new ball leaves a lot to be desired. (Wall Street Journal)

It was comedy week on Deadspin. The whole thing was built around a chat with Sarah Silverman so she could promote her new book. That chat didn’t go so well. (Mediaite)

Of course, Silverman feels as though she tried hard and that it went as well as could be expected. (Deadspin) Having read the chat, to say it was an utter train wreck would be a massive understatement. She should be mad at herself and her people for letting her be fed to the wolves.

In case you’re interested in non-Lowdown podcast greatness, our favourite podcaster, Adam Carolla, interviewed Jackie’s favourite queens of the nerds, Olivia Munn. (Adam Carolla Podcast)

Today’s photo gallery also includes a news story. It’s pictures and the back story of Leonard Nimoy’s trip to Vulcan, Alberta. (CBC)

What happens when college baseball players have to sit around during a rain delay? The question should be what doesn’t happen.

Charles Barkley meets the Shake Weight. No further explanation necessary.

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