Entertainment Link-Off: Back To Normal

G’day everyone! After a two month hiatus, I am back! I hope Steve didn’t scare anyone off while I was gone. Wait!!! Come back!!! Nooo!!! Dammit. Oh well, let’s kick off this Entertainment Link-Off with Kristin Kreuk. The former Smallville leading lady is now appearing on Chuck as a fellow Nerd Herder Hannah. Since she was recently cast in another Josh Schwartz pilot Hitched, don’t expect her to stick around Chuck for much longer. Let’s just enjoy her presence on the show while we can.

After the jump, a few tidbits on the Oscars, a look at some upcoming TV pilots and a behind the scenes look at ChatRoulette, the latest fad in social networking.

In anticipation of the Oscars, let’s take a look at some fun numerical trivia behind the biggest award show in show-business. What happens to the stars after they win an Oscar? How much does it cost to make an Oscar statuette? How much money do people win while betting on which film will take win the awards? Find out by checking out the image! (Business Pundit)

Over at EW, there is a nice gallery showing you which 25 films to check out prior to watching the Academy Awards. (Entertainment Weekly)

A few years ago, Lord of the Rings made quite a splash at the Academy Awards. While the films have been sitting on the DVD shelves for a while, it’s never too late to check out the awesome trilogy. We all knew that everything will make its move to Blu-Ray someday, and it looks like the 3-film set has officially switched over; however LOTR isn’t feeling the love this time around and it’s not about the quality of the movies. (Slashfilm)

Best picture contender Avatar is still doing very well at the box office right now. It is a visually stunning film thanks to the CGI and 3D effects. The extra 3 bucks spent on those 3D glasses are totally worth it. However, the Italians think that these glasses will kill us all. (Reuters)

Did you know that Matt Damon or Jake Gyllenhaal could have starred in Avatar? (LA Times) We might not be able to see them as blue aliens, but the actors remain busy with other films. Matt Damon can be next seen in Green Zone while Jake Gyllenhaal will be in the critical smash Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Curious to see what the initial story for Tron Legacy would have been like? (io9) Thank goodness they decided to rewrite it.

Bruce Willis reveals he wants to do Die Hard 5. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea, but as long as Len Wiseman doesn’t come back to direct it, perhaps it’ll be fine. (MTV)

Speaking of sequels we probably don’t want to see, how about a follow-up to the critically panned Showgirls? (Movieline) You hear that? I think a bit of everyone just died on the inside.

In another case that demonstrates that Michael Bay never really sticks to his word, he is now testing 3D for Transformers 3. I thought he said that 3D is a silly gimmick! (MTV) He also promises new characters and a plot twist. I don’t know about you, but I think the only mindblowing thing about Transformers is the ridiculous amount of robot action… that’s about it.

Kick-Ass comic creator Mark Millar talks about the characters, the casting, the moral backlash, how the latest film adaptation is more ‘accessible’ to the wider audience. (Slashfilm)

In other comic book movie adaptations news, it appears there are seven actors on the shortlist to be cast as Captain America! (Movieline) Wait, John Krasinski from The Office is on this list? Really? Why?

Greg Berlanti is the front runner to direct the film version of The Flash. (IESB)

Does Greg Berlanti sound familiar? Yes, he was attached to the Green Lantern film earlier, but he is best known for creating one of the best family dramas on TV known as Everwood. Oh I miss that show. Anyway, it appears that a spinoff of Lost would be something worth checking out! Imagine this, a show focusing on hot-shot surgeon Jack Shephard and his musical prodigy son David. I like the sound of that already! (The TV Addict)

NBC really has screwed themselves over in the late night scene. Not only are the numbers down, it appears that the recently turfed Conan O’Brien has more supporters than Jay Leno based on Twitter followers. (Zap2it)

Perhaps the network can redeem themselves by picking up some pilots worth watching. For example: a new comedy starring Olivia Munn. (IGN) I’m sure most people are up for a bit more of Olivia. A weekly comedy + AOTS = making me a very happy man.

In other TV pilot news, looks like originality has gone out the window. I did mention that the end of network TV is near and this is another sign. For the upcoming season, look out for 22 police/medical/lawyer procedural dramas! Gotta love the variety out there. (The Hollywood Reporter)

I don’t have other Kristin Kreuk related news, but there’s more Chuck stuff!

First off, some casting spoilers for the upcoming season finale. (Ausiello)

There’s also an interview with Jeffster! Apparently they want to play their next gig at Madison Square Garden. Yes please! (Chicago Tribune)

Dollhouse might be dead, but Eliza Dushku and Joss Whedon aren’t done with each other yet. Next up, a feature film!!! To defuse any false hopes, the film won’t be based on the defunct series. (Hollywood Life)

For those who are up for a good laugh, here’s a nice Venn Diagram displaying the variations of hair and facial hair of Denzel Washington. (Slashfilm)

Turns out, it does pay to download music legally! A 71-year old man just won $10000 worth of iTunes music because he downloaded the 10 billionth song. Damn! Why do I still purchase music via the old fashioned way by visiting a music store? (NY Times)

Tiger Woods is the new face of PETA! Well… sorta. (Entertainment Weekly)

I think a live action film focusing on Buzz Lightyear in the near future is definitely a possibility. Check out the amazing artwork! (Raoni Nery @ CGSociety)

Apparently the latest iPad was not created by Steve Jobs. In fact, JJ Abrams beat him to it back in 1999 through a random episode of Felicity.


ChatRoulette is all the rage right now with people randomly chatting with strangers and revealing themselves in rather disturbing ways. So what goes on at the ChatRoulette headquarters? This video should give you a better idea. Language is NSFW.


And finally the red band trailer for Kick-Ass. I can’t wait to see this movie!


One thought on “Entertainment Link-Off: Back To Normal

  1. i hate to tell you i dont think that olivia munn pilot has a chance in hell of being picked up. you are right though network television is dieing. the internet will kill it along with cable shows.


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