Entertainment Link-Off: The Start of Awards Season

megan-fox-esquire13-01I’m still covering for Jackie while the internet tubes in Australia unmelt. Did I mention that it was really hot in Australia this week? I think I heard something on the BBC about the heat melting the train/subway system in Sydney. Not that 45° C is that hot… Or that I woke up to -19° C yesterday before tacking on another nine degrees of windchill.

Anyway, this would be a good weekend to warm up at the movies. There are three new releases in theatres this week. Arnold is back in The Last Stand. Mahk Wahlberg stahs in Broken City. I don’t know if he sounds like Tommy from Quiznee in the movie. Finally, Jessica Chastain follows up her Golden Globe winning performance in Zero Dark Thirty by appearing in the horror flick Mama. Only Mama is fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and the three average out to 48%. So, like I said, it WOULD be a good weekend at the movies but it clearly isn’t… Unless you want to watch the Governator. That’s acceptable.

Alright, let’s start today’s links with Megan Fox. Yes, we have a link about her today.

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Man Lab Showdown: Megan Fox vs. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Technically, we’re a month late for the epic Transformers showdown of Michael Bay’s two pieces of constantly-in-peril eye candy. The original Transformers girl was Megan Fox who shot to fame in the role of the girl who inexplicably hooked up with Shia LaBeouf’s character. Then she got fired because Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg didn’t like the idea of an actress who had a mind of her own. So they hired Transformers 3 girl Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a model who’s acting experience was limited to pretending to be attracted to Jason Statham.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Bad Weekend

Sadly, this is my last entertainment linkdump for a while. I guess you’ll just have to make up for my indefinite absence with Alison Haislip. No, she’s not starring in anything this weekend but she’s on G4 which is good enough a reason. After all, the movies this weekend are Bad Teacher and Cars 2 which I’ve read aren’t worth the time of day.

The Killing season finale was bad but I might be the only person on earth who doesn’t think it was the worst finale of all-time. Bill Simmons is one of those folks saying it sucked and isn’t afraid to say it. (Grantland)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Crazy Like A Fox

Uh oh. Jackie’s out and I’m in for this edition of the ELO. How about I make up for the change of pace with Megan Fox who’s in some movie opening this weekend.

In a move that will surprise no one, Hustler is going to attempt to profit from Sandra Bullock’s recent marital issues by producing a spoof porno. (Moviefone)

Did you know that Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is filming right now? Did you even know they were making a 4th movie? Anyway, Jerry Bruckheimer is giving everyone the inside scoop via Twitter. (Collider) Better question: Why did they make the second & third films?

Good news nerds! Someone made a working lightsaber. It won’t slice off limbs but it can cause cancer. (National Post)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Lost Weekend!

That’s right, this Sunday marks the 2-hour series finale of the hit show Lost. Apparently they’re supposed to tie up all the loose ends, but who knows, we might all end up more confused about the show than when it first started off. Leading off this entry is Lost’s Evangeline Lilly.

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Sunday Link-Off: An Olympian Effort

Couldn’t think of anyone to put up here so let’s play it safe an go with Megan Fox. Looks like her photo shoot studio is colder than Vancouver.

Just because the NHL is taking two-plus week’s off for the Olympics doesn’t mean the players are taking two weeks off. Actually, they are and that’s the problem. Ask the Oilers whose goalie made more news during the break than the whole rest of the season. (Calgary Herald)

I mentioned in Friday’s Humanoids column that the Brits aren’t happy with the Vancouver Olympics. Well, we aren’t taking that lying down. (Deadspin)

Most of Vancouver’s Olympic problems have been caused by bad weather. Everyone would have realized that Vancouver isn’t exactly a great winter city if they just used a reliable weather service like this one. (The Fucking Weather)

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Sunday Link-Off: Hate The Game

Let’s kick off this SLO with an old favourite. Here’s Megan Fox.

Don Cherry quite politely (but quite rightly) tells a reporter to fuck off. Give him hell, Grapes! (Deadspin)

If Michael Jackson’s death didn’t prove it, then the Tiger Woods scandal did. TMZ is beating mainstream media at their own game. (Orlando Sentinel)

What do you do when your school’s coach bolts for a better gig? Burn everything to the ground. (You Been Blinded)

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