Entertainment Link-Off: The Start of Awards Season

megan-fox-esquire13-01I’m still covering for Jackie while the internet tubes in Australia unmelt. Did I mention that it was really hot in Australia this week? I think I heard something on the BBC about the heat melting the train/subway system in Sydney. Not that 45° C is that hot… Or that I woke up to -19° C yesterday before tacking on another nine degrees of windchill.

Anyway, this would be a good weekend to warm up at the movies. There are three new releases in theatres this week. Arnold is back in The Last Stand. Mahk Wahlberg stahs in Broken City. I don’t know if he sounds like Tommy from Quiznee in the movie. Finally, Jessica Chastain follows up her Golden Globe winning performance in Zero Dark Thirty by appearing in the horror flick Mama. Only Mama is fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and the three average out to 48%. So, like I said, it WOULD be a good weekend at the movies but it clearly isn’t… Unless you want to watch the Governator. That’s acceptable.

Alright, let’s start today’s links with Megan Fox. Yes, we have a link about her today.

If my writings here and recent addition of et geekera to my resume didn’t convince you, I’m interested in geek culture. That’s why I found this analysis on the evolution of geeks in pop culture fascinating. (AV Club)

I told you that I’d have a Megan Fox link. She was recently profiled in Esquire and it may have been the worst piece of writing committed to paper. (Vice)

For a couple of minutes, we were all abuzz about Zack Snyder directing a non-trilogy Star Wars movie. Turns out that it’s not happening. I’m not sure whether it’s a good thing or not. (The Hollywood Reporter)

By the way, the Golden Globes were last weekend. Rather than write about it at length, here a live blog you can read through. (Pajiba)

You can add Taylor Swift to the list of artists with crazed fans. They went viciously after Tina Fey like a bunch of humourless psychopaths. (Uproxx)

The Joe Paterno biopic based on the Joe Posnanski’s glowing tribute book has a famous actor and director team. It’s a reuniting of Brian de Palma and Al Pacino. (Deadline)

Good news! There’s going to be a Pirates of the Caribbean 5. (You don’t want to call it Pirates 5 because that’ll be the name of the porn parody film.) The writer attached has a lengthy list of high-quality films like Speed 2, Rush Hour 3, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and Tower Heist. Wait… Did I say good news? (Collider)

The New Zealand government has decided that The Hobbit has made too much money and they want the money they gave in subsidies back. (Film Drunk)

Glee has pissed off a geek icon. The Fox alleged-comedy has pretty blatantly ripped off a Jonathan Coulton song and he’s not exactly happy about them stealing his intellectual property without his permission. (AV Club)

CNN really isn’t interested in news anymore. It appears the only network interested in hard news and hiring reporters is Atlantis Cable News. That’s the fictional news network from Sorkin’s The Newsroom. (Thought Catalog)

Michael Dorn is working on a Worf based Star Trek spinoff and he says that the idea has gained a lot of traction. (Digital Spy)

The Batmobile was sold at the Barrett-Jackson collector car auction this week. Therefore, it’s fitting to look at this hilarious pilot that Adam West starred in back in the day. (SplitSider)

Let’s wrap the links up with a collection of photos from the sets of some classic movies. (The Chive)

Here’s the best trailer of 2012. It’s all the year’s best picture nominees mashed up into one trailer. Okay, it’s a trailer of best movies of 2012.

Arnold became self-actualized on Fallon the other night. He was making meta jokes about his classic DVD commentary style.

You can play Skyfall over just about anything and make it work. That includes Breaking Bad. By the way, there are spoilers in the video.

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