Entertainment Link-Off: Lost Weekend!

That’s right, this Sunday marks the 2-hour series finale of the hit show Lost. Apparently they’re supposed to tie up all the loose ends, but who knows, we might all end up more confused about the show than when it first started off. Leading off this entry is Lost’s Evangeline Lilly.

After the jump Brett Ratner wants to be a comedian, Transformers 3 needs a new leading lady, dying superhero movies get a gritty reboot and a healthy TV fix to get you ready for next season.

Ok, so Brett Ratner isn’t the best director out there. He may have destroyed a few films, but he did make some good ones. Still, the overall track record isn’t all that great. Anyway, he dropped by Empire for a chat and let’s just say he would be a decent comic after that joke on Speilberg. (Empire)

Bad news Transformers fans. Megan Fox won’t be in the next installment of the film franchise. While it is possible that she got fired for bad-mouthing Michael Bay, it appears she left the film because the director is too abusive. (The Wrap) Dammit Bay, stop scaring the hot women away.

Wait, I spoke too soon. So there are quite a few actresses who are in the running for the role. Unfortunately, the initial rumoured front-runner Gemma Arterton isn’t it. While I’m all for eye-candy, I doubt the supermodels would be a good choice to help carry a film like Transformers. Anyway, new hint on who the new female lead might be! (NY Mag) A part of me thinks that Amber Heard would be a better alternative choice.

Megan Fox might not be entertaining us in front of the big screen next summer but at least her interviews are still fun to read. (Huffington Post)

July is still a while from now, but it’s never too early to check out some one-sheets for the upcoming film Predators. (Collider)

So what happens when your superhero franchise is dying? Give it a gritty reboot! It worked for Batman! Well take a look at this hilarious video as they try to save Spiderman. (College Humor)

This weekend marks the release of MacGruber! No, it won’t end in 60 seconds, but there is some positive buzz surrounding the flick… except this one. I’m not sure if this was actually part of the advertising campaign, but it appears that some of MacGruber’s early modeling pics have surfaced on the internet. (Entertainment Weekly)

Ever since Scrubs was cancelled, I was on the lookout for a medical comedy out there and it looks like Rob Corddry has saved the day. He was hilarious in Hot Tub Time Machine and his new show Children’s Hospital (a fun knock-off on all those medical dramas/soaps out there) looks promising. It also has a nice cast, so definitely worth taking a look at. (Collider)

I apologize. Due to my busy schedule lately, I wasn’t able to cover the TV upfronts this year, but if you want the full lineup for what’s up at the big networks, all the information you need is right here! (TV by the Numbers)

Over at the CW, there’s only 2 new scripted shows this fall. That’s not a lot to help boost its ratings situation. Anyway, the Nikita reboot looks mildly entertaining (and Maggie Q is freakin’ hot) while Hellcats looks horrendous. So what about the other potential pilots like the CIA thriller Nomads? Apparently it’s hanging on life support and might show up midseason. C’mon CW, this can’t be the second straight year that you pass up on a good pilot because it doesn’t target women right? (Deadline)

It’s about freakin’ time. Smallville is planning to end after its tenth season. With a set endpoint, I may finally tune in again because the series has been dragged on for too long. (Hollywoodlife)

Over at TBS, Conan’s new show will premiere on November 8 2010 at 11 pm! Mark your calendars folks! Conan also took the stage at the TBS upfronts and he had a few good jokes up his sleeve. Take a look at the transcript of what happened during the presentation. (Movieline)

Remember last week on Community when Jeff Winger made a comment on Annie’s “Disney face”? Well someone has actually made a side by side comparison of the Disney expressions to Annie Edison. It’s actually quite fun to check out. (Luna301 @ Livejournal)

For the Lost fanatics out there, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse appeared on the New York Times to talk about the show and why it went in a certain direction. Hopefully this will be enough to tie you in until Sunday. (NY Times)

With Lost ending, it would be appropriate to take a look at other fictional islands to check out! (io9)

In celebration of the Lost series finale, the executive producers/writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse appeared on Letterman to reveal the top 10 spoilers from the show’s ending.


Here at Lowdown HQ, we always like a good prank. Well the folks at Improv Everywhere used the Ghostbusters theme and visited the New York Public Library for a ‘ghost hunt’. I just found it funny that no one really cared when the first person wearing a ghost sheet walked into the library.


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