Sunday Link-Off: An Olympian Effort

Couldn’t think of anyone to put up here so let’s play it safe an go with Megan Fox. Looks like her photo shoot studio is colder than Vancouver.

Just because the NHL is taking two-plus week’s off for the Olympics doesn’t mean the players are taking two weeks off. Actually, they are and that’s the problem. Ask the Oilers whose goalie made more news during the break than the whole rest of the season. (Calgary Herald)

I mentioned in Friday’s Humanoids column that the Brits aren’t happy with the Vancouver Olympics. Well, we aren’t taking that lying down. (Deadspin)

Most of Vancouver’s Olympic problems have been caused by bad weather. Everyone would have realized that Vancouver isn’t exactly a great winter city if they just used a reliable weather service like this one. (The Fucking Weather)

After the jump more Olympic links, stupid road signs, and don’t stop rocking.

A reminder for aspiring announcers: You’re not allowed to be funny. (Deadspin)

Curling’s never really been something that’s been on the American sports radar. Well, at least not until the skip displayed the worst attributes of Bill Buckner, Brad Lidge, and George W. Bush eating a pretzel. (NYaT)

Of course, there are good things in curling. Take this member of the Danish women’s curling team. (NSFW) (VG Nett)

And in a dumb move, Scotty Lago “volunteered” to leave Vancouver after some party photos were leaked to TMZ. Are athletes not allowed to have fun anymore? (The Big Lead)

Henrik Stenson wasn’t about to let a bad case of the flu stop him from golfing. So he played one hole then quit because he wasn’t feeling well. Take a guess why he bothered to show up. (RandBall)

Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Jared Allen is one of three players in contention for the Madden 11 cover. His platform for getting voted onto the cover: Mullets. (ESPN)

Dalton McGuinty: Political visionary? Well, The Fates of Greek mythology were blind. So is DMac. He says that the UFC isn’t coming to Ontario any time soon. (In The Bullpen)

Things aren’t looking good for USF1. The all-American racing team is likely to miss the start of the season and maybe even the whole season. (BlogF1)

Think you’d be better off leaving for the good old US and A? Well, avoid these 20 cities unless you want to be better off living Kazakhstan rather than America. (Forbes)

Something else to avoid: Warp travel. Some scientist with his microscope firmly up his arse says that faster than light travel will kill you. Moron. (Toronto Star)

There are so many Hitler videos on the internet that it’s hard to pick a favourite. That’s why you let someone else help you out. (Epic Carnival)

Today’s first photo gallery is a look at 14 of the dumbest signs of all-time. The top one was featured on Top Gear which is my favourite show of all-time. (DJ Mick)

Today’s second photo gallery is a look at the covers of women’s magazines if they were written by men. (Cool Material)

What do you get when you mashup Enter Sandman and Don’t Stop Believing? Something that would make The Sopranos finale more kickass.

NBC has been getting slagged from all sides over it’s Olympic coverage. Turns out that even the athletes are hating on them while being interviewed.


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