The Best of Don Cherry’s Wardrobe

Love him or hate him, the biggest name in the Canadian hockey media is none other than Donald S. Cherry. Grapes has been a mainstay on Hockey Night in Canada for over 30 years, both in the broadcast booth and in his famous Coach’s Corner segment.

Since Grapes just celebrated 80th birthday on Wednesday (in Russia, no less), I thought it was only fitting to pay tribute to him for his most infamous of features – his wardrobe.

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The Best of Don Cherry’s Wardrobe

There’s no more polarizing figure in hockey than Don Cherry. The former Jack Adams Award winner as the NHL’s Coach of the Year translated a short time as coach of the Boston Bruins into a broadcast career that has made him a Canadian icon. He was even voted one of the ten greatest Canadians of all-time. That was despite his often controversial views on Europeans in the NHL, fighting’s place in hockey and the helmet visor. But even more famous than his view points is his wardrobe. Grapes’ attire is the stuff of legend across Canada. While it’s often horrible, it’s always memorable. So on this Black Friday, here are some of the more memorable items in Don Cherry’s wardrobe. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Hate The Game

Let’s kick off this SLO with an old favourite. Here’s Megan Fox.

Don Cherry quite politely (but quite rightly) tells a reporter to fuck off. Give him hell, Grapes! (Deadspin)

If Michael Jackson’s death didn’t prove it, then the Tiger Woods scandal did. TMZ is beating mainstream media at their own game. (Orlando Sentinel)

What do you do when your school’s coach bolts for a better gig? Burn everything to the ground. (You Been Blinded)

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Wednesday Link-Off: A Change Of Pace

charlize_theron1Here’s Charlize Theron. She hasn’t done much lately which is a crime. Here’s hoping. After the jump, Comcast reporter Lisa Hillary sees a rat. Or did she see Phil Collins getting beatdown by the Ultimate Warrior.

Yesterday we had the third-last episode of The Lowdown for the season. Listen to it here. On May 26th, I interview Pinks All Out’s Rich Christensen.

Strange but true: A Lehman Brothers salesperson has gone from Wall Street deal maker to stripper. (Here Is The City)

In last week’s linkdump, I posted a story of a newspaper reporter getting laid off while at a Baltimore Orioles game. This week, I have that reporter’s first person account of being laid off. (Real Clear Sports)

Grapes is in trouble again. First, he said something true about the Europeans and the Quebecors that no one liked. Now, he dropped an F-bomb on live TV. CBC was asleep at the helm of his seven-second delay. (Total Pro Sports)

The Governator may be the smartest man in politics. He commissioned at studying looking at legalizing and taxing marijuana. (Sacramento Bee)

Another great Deadspin feature. Epic softball failures. (Deadspin)

Lamborghini is going back to its roots with its latest concept. Frequent wikipedia readers will know that Lambo was a tractor manufacturer at one point in its early history. Then they tried to show Enzo Ferrari what he was doing wrong with his supercars. I guess they have problems with how John Deere is doing things. (Top Gear)

Mike Tyson’s Punch Out is making a comeback on the Wii.  Without Mike Tyson. (ESPN)

The economy may have gone to hell but that doesn’t mean that companies still are spending money on endorsements. For example, the new face of GoDaddy is Anna Rawson. (CNBC)

It turns out that the big four sports leagues have made rule changes to favour the fast. (Wall Street Journal)

Did you know that Joe DiMaggio had a brother who was a perennial All-Star and one of the best center fielders of his day? (New York Times) Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Twitterific

09_danica-patrick_8Another week, another linkdump.  To celebrate the beginning of Indy 500 practice, here’s Danica Patrick.  You might have heard of her.  After the jump, a guy in a sweater learns not to mess with Larry Merchant when he’s conducting an interview.

All sorts of coaches, managers, owners, and players are on Twitter.  Hell, even NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is on Twitter.  Some sports leagues even have twittering policies.  Or would it be tweeting policies? (USA Today)  Did I mention that I’m on twitter at  And did I mention you can subscribe to The Lowdown Blog news feed by clicking here?

Speaking of Twitter, it turns out that it’s more of a fleeting thing for folks that sign up for it.  Mind you, I’d like a 40% retention rate for visitors over here. (CBC)

Since we’re talking so much about Twitter, here’s your one stop shop for Twitter updates from sports personalities. (

This could be the greatest blog in the history of Canada. (Don Cherry Jacket Watch)

Grapes may condone hockey fights but I’m not sure what he’d think of softball brawls. (Busted Coverage)

Some athlete’s would be better than others for a night on the town.  Amazingly, I think this bunch could make things end worse than my last night out.  By worse, I mean the tab. (Fat Pickled)

An interview with the guy responsible for the seemingly endless playbooks in the Madden NFL video games. (Sports Prose)

As shocking as it seems, we missed Star Wars Day on Monday.  To make up for the lack of geektacular goodness, here’s Geek Tyrant’s best Star Wars stories of the last year. (GeekTyrant)

My business school education tells me that laying someone off is best done on Wednesdays.  Firing a reporter while he’s at the game might be pushing it, though. (The Big Lead)

The internet may be ending soon… again.  Plan accordingly. (Times Online)

Some blogs and blog writers are getting book deals and are actually getting paid for it.  How I envy them. (New York Times) Continue reading