Entertainment Link-Off: Friendship Has Its Benefits

Steve said it best on Twitter last night when he tweeted “Every time I see an ad for No Strings Attached, I think it’ll cost Natalie Portman an Oscar the same way Norbit cost Eddie Murphy.” Perhaps it’s not such a good idea to kick off the ELO with her and her infamous laugh from the Golden Globes. Instead, let’s start with one of her co-stars Olivia Thirlby. The movie was initially titled Fuckbuddies. Perhaps that would have generated a bit more interest from the general public.

After the jump, a nice look at the opening credits for Scott Pilgrim, MTV landed themselves in hot water, Battle Los Angeles released some awesome viral marketing and a nifty Lost fan video that should please many fanatics out there.  Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Blockbuster Weekend

It’s clash of the big tentpole films this weekend as Sex and the City 2 faces off against the previous champ Shrek Forever After and Disney’s latest Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Kicking off this Entertainment Link-Off is Gemma Arterton who plays Tamina in Prince of Persia. The video game adaptation is getting mixed reviews but it’s apparently one of the better ones out there.

After the jump Les Grossman returns, learn you ABC’s with Wolverine and Lost finale aftermath. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Lost Weekend!

That’s right, this Sunday marks the 2-hour series finale of the hit show Lost. Apparently they’re supposed to tie up all the loose ends, but who knows, we might all end up more confused about the show than when it first started off. Leading off this entry is Lost’s Evangeline Lilly.

After the jump Brett Ratner wants to be a comedian, Transformers 3 needs a new leading lady, dying superhero movies get a gritty reboot and a healthy TV fix to get you ready for next season. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Off the Charts!

Finding someone to lead off the ELO this week was a bit of a struggle, so here is something from Amber Heard’s latest photoshoot with Jezebel. Oh she was also featured in the Maxim’s Hot 100 list and came in at number 13 this year. Not bad at all!

After the jump some Transformers 3 news, the fate of Heroes is in limbo, never trust robots that are panhandling on the streets and Alison Brie dishes on her dirty art school experiences. Continue reading