Man Lab Link-Off: Making You A Better Man

We’re back with another set of links from the Man Lab to help you with women and make you a better man. That’s why we kick off this post with Cintia Dicker. If ever there was a woman to convince me to make myself a better man, it would be her.

One of the most important things that a man can be is on time. Here’s a look at why you’re always late and how to make yourself more punctual. (The Art of Manliness)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Greatness

Well, everyone I was planning to lead off the WLO with was either eliminated or a WAG of a player eliminated from the French Open. So here’s Irina Shayk.

The Great One is coming back to the NHL… At least, in the latest EA Sports NHL video game. (Toronto Sun)

Doc Halladay laughed in the collective faces of Blue Jays fans when he pitched his first career perfect game on the weekend. But this didn’t shock one Phillies fan. (Deadspin)

Did you know there’s a cap on the number of friends you can have on Facebook? I guess #5,001 will cause Facebook to explode. (New York Times) Of course, you can like us on Facebook here.

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Sunday Link-Off: Out of the Park

blake-lively-maria-sharapova-01Today, it’s two for the price of one with Blake Lively and Maria Sharapova.

A complete list of the best active athletes in every sport by the numbers, both literally and statistically. (Rumors and Rants)

And some active athletes are the best financially. For example, Alex Rodriguez earns enough money per inning to put a family of four above the poverty line. Makes you think. (Wall Street Journal)

Britain’s favourite pass time is ogling the wives and girlfriends of pro athletes so they came up with a Top 10 list of non-soccer WAGs. (The Sun)

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Saturday Link-Off: The Blame Game

megan-fox-elle-01When in doubt, go with Megan Fox. Can you blame me?

Also, when in doubt, blame the cat. For example, a Florida man tried to use his can as a scape… cat for downloading child pornography. (The Guardian)

And when in doubt, blame Dale Earnhardt Jr. A man in what was described as Dale Jr. hat robbed a New Jersey bank. I think they’ve got the wrong man because it’s clearly a Dale Jarrett hat. Either way, I’m wearing my wallet on a chain today. (All Left Turns)

Meanwhile, celeb watchers are blaming the frosty relationship between A-Rod and Jeter for the equally as frosty relationship between their women Kate Hudson and Minka Kelly. My money is on Minka in a catfight. (The Big Lead)

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Sunday Link-Off: Cashing In

ivanka-trump-stuff-7Ivanka Trump because she’s one of the most overlooked women in the world. She’s also the only heiress that doesn’t need to make a sex tape to make money.

Sports Illustrated released its annual list of the highest earning athletes. It shouldn’t come as a surprise who topped the North American list (, but you might go “Oh yeah! Him.” about the man on top of the international list. (

An Aussie robbed pulled an inside job on a video game bank and converted his stolen virtual cash to real cash. His theft caused a run on the bank that ruined the game’s economy. (BBC)

A new study from my alma mater shows that banning Facebook and Twitter at work deprives employees the opportunity to develop essential skills. (UWO)

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