Entertainment Link-Off: ‘Tis the Season…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Anyway, Merry Christmas to all the Lowdown readers out there. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, enjoy the holidays! Let’s kick off this edition of the Entertainment Link-Off with Noomi Rapace. She’s having a solid week. Sherlock Holmes sequel is currently in theatres and also the highly anticipated trailer for another one of her upcoming films Prometheus was released this week as well.

After the jump, Oh Christmas Troy, trailers for Prometheus, The Dark Knight Rises, John Carter and The Hobbit, buddy song for Optimus Prime and the iPhone4S can be very dangerous. Continue reading

Man Lab Showdown: Megan Fox vs. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Technically, we’re a month late for the epic Transformers showdown of Michael Bay’s two pieces of constantly-in-peril eye candy. The original Transformers girl was Megan Fox who shot to fame in the role of the girl who inexplicably hooked up with Shia LaBeouf’s character. Then she got fired because Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg didn’t like the idea of an actress who had a mind of her own. So they hired Transformers 3 girl Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a model who’s acting experience was limited to pretending to be attracted to Jason Statham.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Bring on the Thunder

It’s battle of the big blockbusters in Australia this weekend with Thor duking it out against Fast Five at the theatres. This is a somewhat unusual case of having two big movies open in the same week well ahead of their North American release dates. Meanwhile back in Canada and the US… there’s nothing all that worth looking at this weekend. I’ll just kick star this ELO with Jamie Chung because she was featured in the latest Esquire photoshoot.

After the jump, 3D porn film tops Avatar in Hong Kong, some Transformers related news, Joseph Gordon-Levitt teaches Conan how to headbang, an interested film related music video and an awesome way to propose to your girlfriend at the movies. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Untitled ELO of the Week

I’m back from my one week hiatus but it won’t be for long as I’ll be away for another two weeks afterwards. Thankfully Steve is around to cover for me. Anyway, it’s the weekend before Valentine’s Day, but I’m short on love related stuff (though Olivia Wilde is now officially single much to fanboys delight). Anyway, kicking off this ELO is Emily Blunt. You won’t physically see her in theatres this weekend but you’ll hear her voice in the new animated film Gnomeo and Juliet.

After the jump, a Transformer displays his singing chops, Steven Segal thinks he invented the front kick, MPAA fail, a tour of Pixar Studios and a better remixed version of the Captain America Super Bowl spot. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Robot Rumble

Tonight is the 2010 Video Game Awards on Spike. If you need a fresh reminder on the nominees, take a look at our predictions here. Plus, why wouldn’t you want to watch it when Neil Patrick Harris is hosting this? Anyway, kicking off this link-off is Kristen Bell. Yes she’s in the latest box office flop Burlesque, but on an unrelated note, she is nominated for her voice work in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood at the Video Game Awards tonight.

After the jump Guillermo Del Toro wants you to see Scott Pilgrim, Michael Bay sorta apologizes for Revenge of the Fallen, more Transformers tidbits, new Thor trailer and poster and catch Inception in real time! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: The Night Before Halloween

It’s near the end of October, so that means Halloween is here! While the usual horror fare hits the theatres this weekend, perhaps it’s a better alternative to just go party it up Halloween style or just simply go trick or treating. Kicking off this entry is Taylor Cole. You might remember her from the now defunct WB series Summerland. Anyway she’s currently in NBC’s The Event. The serialized drama is on a ratings freefall, but this is a good enough reason to keep the show on the air no?

After the jump more pumpkin ideas, behind the scenes on Scott Pilgrim, Disney thinks the old Tron movie is an embarrassment, the Fine Brothers spoil horror movies for you and see the Light Runner in action! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Turn It Up

pixie lott 3Now we return to your regular scheduled programming. That’s right, after a week off, I’m back with the latest Entertainment Link-Off. Steve did an awesome job with the ELO last week and it looks like he didn’t scare you guys away. This week features the songstress Pixie Lott. She’s already a massive hit over in Europe. Now when will she make a stop here in Canada?

After the jump Kick-Ass actually kicks ass, a few movie lists to check out, November Sweeps and a look at how Transformers 2 should have ended. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Long Weekend Retreat

kristen bellI had a lot on my plate the past few days; hence this post was delayed. Anyway, the new Entertainment Link-Off is here! It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This weekend also marks the release of the ensemble comedy Couples Retreat. Apparently it’s horrible, but Kristen Bell is in it! That should be worth snatching an admission ticket.

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Not News of the Week

If it’s not worth talking about, that must mean it’s time for another edition of the Not News of the Week. The theme for this week’s edition is boys and their toys.

England cricketing legend Andrew Flintoff has decided to retire from test cricket at the age of 31. For those who are interested, test cricket is one cricket match that is played over a five day period. Flintoff will retire after the ongoing Ashes test cricket series between England and Australia. The Ashes is a series of five 5-day matches and is among the biggest cricketing events in the world. Anyway, Flintoff claims that years of injuries and operations have finally caught up with him and he can’t play at his top level anymore. So what does plan on doing with his free time? He’s going to spend more time with his family and watching Coronation Street. Yes, his favourite TV show is a soap opera. But are you going to say anything to a man who is best known for pounding objects with a giant bat? Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Splash or Splat!

katie cassidy 3

UPDATE: The finale for Harper’s Island was appropriately titled “Sigh”. The limited-run series went out barely noticed as it snagged about 3.84 million viewers during its final two hours. It’s too bad. While the series itself was uneven (a mixed bag of great and mediocre moments), it was a fun thrill ride overall. I wasn’t thrilled with the ending, but it was satisfying. Kudos to CBS for airing all the episodes despite the lack of eyeballs tuning in. (TV by the Numbers)

Steve beat me to it and already featured Katie Cassidy in his Wednesday Link-Off. However, that doesn’t stop me from featuring her again in celebration of the Harper’s Island finale tonight at 9 p.m. on CBS. Most Canadian viewers may have already watched the finale on Thursday night, but to those who haven’t seen it or if you don’t have anything better to do tonight, just sit back and enjoy 2 hours worth of a fun slasher-fest.

I’m kicking this off with a non-entertainment news. Facebook users entering university watch out! There are fake university groups popping up because of those evil marketing companies! (The Toronto Star) Alright everyone, to be on the safe side, let’s all just go to the South Harmon Institute of Technology. We know that school is legit.

After the jump some movie news to tickle the moviebuffs, what James Franco’s UCLA commencement speech would have been like and things that will make a splash or fail miserably.

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