Entertainment Link-Off: Crazy Like A Fox

Uh oh. Jackie’s out and I’m in for this edition of the ELO. How about I make up for the change of pace with Megan Fox who’s in some movie opening this weekend.

In a move that will surprise no one, Hustler is going to attempt to profit from Sandra Bullock’s recent marital issues by producing a spoof porno. (Moviefone)

Did you know that Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is filming right now? Did you even know they were making a 4th movie? Anyway, Jerry Bruckheimer is giving everyone the inside scoop via Twitter. (Collider) Better question: Why did they make the second & third films?

Good news nerds! Someone made a working lightsaber. It won’t slice off limbs but it can cause cancer. (National Post)

After the jump, NBA Finals fun, awesome car chases, and a Newark State of Mind.

In a sign that government employees have too much time on their hands, a cartographer made a map of the island from Lost. (EW PopWatch)

Since Jackie’s a big basketball fan, I figure these next few links fit perfectly in here. First, Ron Artest gave the greatest post game interview ever after game seven of the NBA Finals. (Black Sports Online)

And naturally, the Finals ended with some small riots. (The Big Lead)

Maybe they were trying to get their hands on Dwight Howard’s Superman shoes. (Eastbay)

The NHL could have picked just about anyone to host their awards show in Vegas. So, naturally, they picked a guy that hates hockey. (Puck Daddy)

The question that all of the three people who care are asking: Was 16-year-old Abby Sunderland a courageous hero attempting to sail around the world or a victim of parents trying to get on TV? (LA Times)

E3 was this week. There were some big stories to come out of it but none as big as Nintendo’s new handheld console: The 3DS (IGN)

Here’s a couple lists before the requisite YouTuberry. First, it’s the 50 worst hip hop failures of all time. (Complex)

Second is the eight greatest movie car chases of all time. If you thought that anything other than what they call #1 should be up there, you really need to get out more. (Guyism)

Vince from the Slap Chop and Sham Wow commercials is now selling Eminem’s new CD. Funny but he’s still no Billy Mays.

I love these Empire State of Mind parodies. We ran the Galactic Empire State of Mind parody a while ago. Today, it’s a Newark State of Mind.


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