The Humanoids: TV’s Bloopers And Practical Jokes

For the first time in what seems like forever (actually, it’s only been four-and-a-half months), I’m back with a fresh edition of The Humanoids column. This week, I take a look at the sad state of TV with a couple of few TV shows I watch regularly in danger of cancellation, I examine the current state of what’s actually put in front of us on TV and who really makes network programming decisions and who influences the scripts that we see on TV every week. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Bad Weekend

Sadly, this is my last entertainment linkdump for a while. I guess you’ll just have to make up for my indefinite absence with Alison Haislip. No, she’s not starring in anything this weekend but she’s on G4 which is good enough a reason. After all, the movies this weekend are Bad Teacher and Cars 2 which I’ve read aren’t worth the time of day.

The Killing season finale was bad but I might be the only person on earth who doesn’t think it was the worst finale of all-time. Bill Simmons is one of those folks saying it sucked and isn’t afraid to say it. (Grantland)

After the jump, Megan Fox fail, Star Wars win and the worst movies of the summer. Continue reading